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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Just a Techoranti thing ...

and it doesn't seem to be working! Ugh. 53N4YGYVTR3D 92BEC6AM6DCC

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

The place was packed.

Talked to lots of friends, but no one was really hitting us as “gotta have it.” Besides, we were really just having a great time chatting and flirting with people we know.

The Gentleman came up to us and asked where we had been hiding all night, to which we replied that we hadn’t been hiding at all. As a matter of fact, we had been between this same table and the dance floor all night long doing anything BUT hiding! The Gentleman invited us over to his table to share a drink with him and his wife, Jeannie. We had spoken to them earlier in the evening and, honestly, didn’t have much interest in playing with them, but they were nice, and we opted to share in a beverage and some chat.
Well, when we sat down at their table and the Gentleman re-introduced us to his wife, Jeannie, my eyes lit up! Not sure what it was about our previous meeting just a couple of hours ago that made me pass, but Jeannie was quite attractive in this light, and I immediately wanted to get naked with her. Jack was surprised, because I rarely operate this quickly – LOL – and his eyes twinkled with the possibilities when he saw my face light up.

The Gentleman introduced us to the others at their table, and we all eagerly engaged in conversation. It wasn’t long before the Gentleman turned our direction to Jeannie’s perky breasts. It was obvious that he was proud of them, and he encouraged us to check them out. Jack asked for Jeannie’s permission, being a gentleman himself, and when she assented, we both took part. Mmmmm … they were quite nice! Barb, sitting to my left, leaned across me to caress one and commented how soft they were. Another husband across the table – Kent - had his wife’s – Lady in Red - breasts cupped in his hands and Barb took part in their nipple play and, again, commented how nice they were and how much nicer than her own they were. So I reached over to Barb’s breasts, and let her know that hers were quite nice, too! Somewhere in all this I found my breasts out of my dress, with hands all over, as well, and there were more compliments all around.

Conversation returned to things vanilla (mostly) and before we knew it, it was time for last call. There was a collective groan from the crowd when the lights went on and it was obvious we all had to leave, despite the fun we were having.

Jack had informed me that the Gentleman invited us back to their hotel room for a drink (mmhmm; he probably wants to show us his etchings, too, right?) and asked what was my pleasure. I let him know that I was up for it if he was. This would be the second time I surprised him, as the hotel scene isn’t one I typically entertain. I knew that Jack was eager to have some sexy fun, however, and I wanted both to please him and get to know Jeannie’s naked body.

We wrapped things up and drove over to the hotel. As we entered the parking lot, we saw people we recognized – Lynn and Morgan – and wondered what was up with that, since they live close by and it would be unusual for them to have gotten a hotel room. Another vehicle, which we later learned was Samantha and Stephen, was following them. We ended up parking in the same general area and asked where they were headed. They said they heard there was a party at the hotel and wanted to partake.

Well, in a random move to get everyone out of the club, one of the managers had announced a hotel party, knowing full well there was none, and some had apparently taken it as truth. Jack, being the social man that he is, tentatively invited the four of them back to the Gentleman and Jeannie’s room! It was just then that we saw the Gentleman and Jeannie, and Jack confirmed that they were cool with the invite. Jeannie’s response: The more the merrier! Her prediction turned out to be on the money. ;)

We’re still not sure how everyone found us, because, as far as we know, none of us knew each other well enough to even have cell phone numbers and a key was required to get into this section of the outer hall and up to the room. It only took, however, about 10 minutes before the room was full: Six couples and a single guy piled into a standard hotel room. It was cozy, to say the least.

The great thing about attending a hotel party immediately after having been at a BYOB club is that we all had liquor! Someone volunteered to get mixers at the soda machine, and drinks were offered. Almost immediately, I made a mental note of how unusual this situation was: 13 people in a room wanting to get naked and everyone in the room was attractive! In addition to the Gentleman and Jeannie, there was Barb and Kevin, Lynn and Morgan, Lady in Red and Kent, Samantha and Stephan, Single Guy, and Jack and me.

An infomercial was on the television and, while, everyone was asking for porn, no one seemed to know how to get it. So, the Lady in Red opted to share her own personal style of porn by pulling her dress up for someone, though I can’t honestly recall whose guy it was that suddenly had his head between her legs – only that it wasn’t the one she came in with – and Barb removed her breasts from the dress and was kissing them and sucking on her nipples. We had the perfect vantage point from the other bed.

I was sitting by Jeannie, Single Guy, and Jack. We were playfully touching each other and watching the sexual encounters evolve on the other bed. Lynn and Stephen seemed to be enjoying the show also, as they began kissing and playing on the bed next to the threesome. Seeing their mates making out with each other must have gotten Morgan and Samantha going, as they began fondling and kissing, too.

Single Guy was asking Jeannie, Jack, and me questions about the lifestyle. Typically, I’d have thought this a distraction, but, in all honesty, our explanations helped get on the table exactly what Jeannie and I liked, which in turn put a fresh smile on my face as I confirmed that Jeannie was my favorite kind of new friend: Bi. After all, I was thinking that eating pussy would have been a nice addition to fucking Jack this Halloween night.

It was Jack, whose cock I was rubbing intently through his pants, who took the liberty of removing my breasts from the top of my dress and placing a hand between my legs. I untied my dress and let it fall open, to Jeannie’s delight. She began playing with my breasts and I did the same to her in turn. Deciding her clothing was too encumbering, she simply stripped and let her outfit fall to the floor, to my delight!

Someone commented about the first ones naked, and others’ clothes made their way to the floor. It wasn’t long before, at the edge of the other bed, Lynn and Stephan were fucking and, again, Morgan and Samantha followed suit of their mates. Morgan bent Samantha over the dresser and they, too began fucking, doggy. To my amazement, all but Samantha were quiet, and, while she was more expressive than the others, even she was quiet by my standards.

Watching these 7 people sexually engaged, I felt myself getting wetter. Sucking Jeannie’s nipples just was nice but I wanted more. I had to adjust my position considerably and found that she, too would have to adjust, so I asked if I could lick her pussy in order to get her to lie on her back. She obliged, willingly and with a smile.

With my head between her legs, I took in her scent and spread her lips so that I could see what I was about to enjoy … mmmmm. This was going to be nice! I gently licked her clit and hood and felt a slight shiver from her, though it was quite warm in the room. I placed my tongue in her hole to taste her – it was sweet and tasty! She moaned and I smiled. I wanted to make her cum.

Jack took this opportunity to get a better view of my exploits and occupy himself with her great breasts and beautiful nipples. I reached for his rock-hard cock with one hand – I love his cock! – and continued to lick her juicy pussy. She was writhing and moaning, and the movement and sounds made me hot and wet.

I felt as though she was going to cum rather quickly and let go of Jack’s cock to insert my finger in her pussy. She reached for his cock and he moved so that she could suck it while lying on her back. I moved my finger in and out, rubbing her G-spot and continued to lick around her clit and looked up to see Jack enjoying the scene and sensations. The view made me want to make her cum right then, so I honed in on her hot spot, licking wildly, and inserted another finger and fucked her faster with both fingers. It didn’t take more than minutes before she threw her head back and groaned loudly with pleasure, as she came. My reward was sweet and juicy, but I didn’t want to stop. Jack smiled, and I knew he was thinking how much he loves to watch us ladies cum.

I continued to play around her pussy and let her body settle. I glanced around the room and the others were engaged in different ways. Girls were kissing each other, guys were watching, a blow job … and everyone was naked. One of the guys asked, “Why do the ladies get to have all the fun?” and one of the ladies responded, “Because we like to play with each other, too.” I smiled and secretly hoped that I would have the opportunity to lick more pussy.

The Gentleman came over to us and Jeannie reached for his cock. I watched as she went back and forth between his and Jack’s, eventually bringing them to within inches of each other so she could lick both at virtually the same time. The Gentleman played with her nipples and Jack reached for her pussy.

Jack used his middle finger to play with her clit and hood, as I leaned in to lick her again … mmmmm. Deciding I wanted to watch, I pulled back a little, placed a finger in her, hand palm up so that I could again rub her G-spot, and watched as she alternated between licking and sucking each of them and Jack continued to play with her. Kevin came up behind me and started to play with my pussy. His touch was firm but gentle as he used the gathering wetness to stimulate my clit. I raised my ass higher to greet his play. This combination of sights, sounds, and feelings was taking me to the next level. I found myself gyrating against Kevin’s hands as Jeannie’s movements became intense again. It was just a few moments into this that Jeannie came again as Jack fingered her clit quickly and expertly. She thrust her hips in the air, as she hit this climax, and in my desire to make it great for her, I inadvertently pulled away from Kevin, right before I might also have cum.

Jack, at this point, sensed my need for him to finish what Kevin had started, and he eagerly buried his head between my legs. It wasn’t long before it was my hips that were lifted to welcome his probing tongue, licking and sucking my clit, and finger, fucking me intently, as I came loudly compared to the others but rather quietly for me.

What I really wanted was Jack’s hard cock inside of me and a piece of that doggy-style fucking that was going on earlier. Jack was ready to please and, without further ado, rolled me over abruptly and swiftly thrust his cock in me. A loud moan escaped, followed by “Fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

This got the attention of several of the others, and I heard, “Who’s that? Whoa – is that Jill getting fucked?” A loud “YES!” was my response and a slap to my ass was Jack’s, along with several hard thrusts that I met with louder moans and groans. As usual, Jack’s hard-on was a lasting one and, while I didn’t much look around the room as I was holding on to ensure I got his full force, I believe that we had taken center stage and were being watched by several of the others.

Barb had made her way to our side of the room and was playing with one breast and Jeannie with my other, as Jack banged on. I had a second, mini-orgasm in concert with his banging, and felt oh so good. The clenching of my pussy pushed Jack to the edge, and he came with a loud, hard thrust and several moans of his own.

As we rested for a moment, I looked about the room. The Gentleman was lying on his back and Jeannie was kneeling on the floor and sucking his cock. Next to them were Stephan and Samantha, in the same position. The Lady in Red and Kent had moved to our bed and Lady in Red was lying on her back as someone – it might have been Kevin -- was eating her pussy. I leaned in to her and sucked a nipple, while someone else – I think Barb -- did the same on the other side, and Jack caressed my breasts and his roamed over my body.

For whatever reason, I noticed the clock at this very moment: 4:36 a.m. I was suddenly exhausted and, having thoroughly enjoyed an amazing evening of sexual escapades! I realized that some people had already departed and thought, while they were smart to get home and to sleep, they missed some seriously sexy fun!

Note to self: Remember to unplug the clock when an orgy is going to ensue.

Fondly yours,

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Sexy Warning: A long post follows

Unfortunately, my vanilla life has taken me away from blogging for the past couple of weeks. But don't despair! We had such a blast on Halloween night that I've been able to think of no other sexual encounter for the past two weeks!

The post that will follow this one shortly is long, but definitely worth the read, in my opinion. Whether you find yourself home alone tonight, like me, or with a partner and are looking for a little something to warm you up, grab a glass of your favorite beverage, a vibrator, if you're so inclined, or dip your hand in your partner's pleasure place, and enjoy the sights and sounds, as best I can relay them in written form.

Halloween 2009 will forever hold a special place in my sexual fantasy library. :)

Fondly yours,

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sexy Reader Question: Where to find good stats?

I was told the other day that American women are "lonely" in sex, and it was explained to me that this meant that they aren't satisfied in bed. A specific example given was that American men last an average of 6 minutes during intercourse and, by contrast, Italian men last 42 minutes on average. Now, this statistic was given to me by a man who's so Italian that I would guess he has his country's flag tattooed on his cock, so I'm taking it with a grain of salt.

As an aside, I'll mention that Jack has been called -- by fellow swing clubbers, not by me -- "marathon man" ... 'nough said. ;)

My question to anyone reading is: Where can I find good international sex statistics? I've looked around the web, unsuccessfully, and am reaching out to anyone with sources.

Fondly yours,

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Sexy Advice: Ladies, it's your turn

We asked the guys and the majority said they were neatly trimmed in their nether regions. Two of you -- Hubman and BDnied -- even shared photos of your fab friends. Again, we thank the gentlemen for sharing.

Now we figure that turnabout is fair play. If we're not looking for a mouthful of pubes when we want to get our suck on, do you think our gentlemen friends are? For that matter and for the bi ladies out there, do you think our lady friends are?

Admit it, ladies, isn't that just the best treat: To find yourself face first in a nicely trimmed package? The only thing equal is finding myself face first between a lovely lady's legs. But, of course, if I can have both, then how delightful! ;)

I once read an article in a magazine - probably Cosmo or the like - about men's sex confessions. One guy said that he had met a hot chick in a bar or party and, when they hit it off (and got a little tipsy, I'm sure), he took her home expecting an amazing sexual encounter. As she was undressing, he could see hairs poking out of her panties that looked like "little spiders sticking out everywhere" (his words, not mine). When she took those panties off, and his worst fear was confirmed, he promptly closed his eyes and pretended that he had passed out.

So, if you go through any trouble at all - and we certainly hope you do - to make it fresh and tasty with hopes of your partner(s) diving deep in Muffville, then we do suggest that you trim the weeds. At a minimum, you should be shaved to a tiny strip and nothing more. The best, based on our experiences in the lifestyle, is complete shaved. I know most guys will agree on this point. However, if you find yourself to be bi-curious or all out bi (as am I), then I'm here to tell you that your female partners prefer it shaved too.

Having problems with that razor and the little stubble left behind? Don't run away - we have some suggestions for you:

The Dove Option: Think about it - do your pits ever have stubble?

  • Use a brand new disposable razor
  • Gentle soap is fine, but shaving cream is okay too (be careful to not let it into your sensitive spots!)
  • Shave very carefully, including those hard to reach places
  • Squat while shaving and make sure you get the areas below your pussy, including your anus and crack
  • Pat dry and run a gentle deodorant, like Dove, over the areas that tend to get bumps (shouldn't have to do the butt and crack)
  • Air dry before adding that sweet thong (cotton is best) or go without (you'll stay fresher letting her breath)
It's Electric Option: His face doesn't have stubble, why should my pussy?
  • Use the squat method noted above to get the bottom of things, but leave everything else alone
  • Use his pre-shave over the area to be shaved (again, be careful around the crevices and don't get it on the area you shaved with a razor)
  • Let it sit a minute (shouldn't take too long)
  • Use his electric razor to carefully shave the remaining areas
  • Use his after-shave, we like Nivea, over the shaved area
  • Air dry before adding that sweet thong (cotton is best) or go without (you'll stay fresher letting her breath)
Finally, if you still aren't feeling like the shave is close enough, I have this magic tool that I use after either of the options above:

I bought mine a couple of years ago, and it pretty much travels with me, especially if I think there's a lifestyle adventure on our agenda! It's not for use alone, or so the instructions say. Rather, it's a stubble remover. So if you find that you shave yourself raw trying to get the last of the stubble, just shave - shave well, but don't overdo it - and then use this little guy afterward. Note: I use aftershave, again, after using the personal shaver, aka "Pussy Shaver."

Finally, make sure you rub your own hand over everything to make sure you're smooth as silk. You just might find more than hands venturing more often.

Fondly yours,

P.S. Do take a moment, ladies, to answer our new poll question!

P.S.S. The Disclaimer: Stray Together isn't going to accept any responsibility for what you do to your puss. I can't speak for your girlfriend or its sensitivity - try any of the methods mentioned here at your own risk. :)

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sexy Thank Yous: Hugs all around!

We've been remiss in thanking our followers of late. Thanking each of you is simply the right thing to do ... especially because the links help with your SEO efforts. And, since you had to wait, you each get hugs as well as thanks. ;)

Plus GK, The Husband, Lay Swinger, and Couple - all of whom, as far as I can tell, don't have blogs (please correct me if I'm wrong!).

We appreciate your patronage. Knowing you're reading makes it more fun writing. :D

Fondly yours,

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Sexy Photos: Cuckhold's Shaved Cock

I love it when our readers participate!

Here is BDenied's, who blogs at Cuckold Husband, family friend, shaved and proud of it. :) No doubt, it, too, sees plenty of lip action in all its smoothness.

Click "Read More" to see all its glory ...

Thanks for sharing guys!!

Fondly yours,

P.S. I think we're going to poll the ladies next ... and see what pictures we can scare up! ;)

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Sexy Poll Results: Trimmed or not so much?

Well, it looks like we're not going to change the world here - LOL - but I guess one penis is better than none!

In a previous post, which you can view here, we pondered guys shaving the goodies ... or not. At the end of two weeks, the poll results for Trimmed or not so much? are:

  • Definitely. And she sucks more!
  • 83 percent (15 votes)
  • Nope. She can suck it like it is!
  • 11 percent (2 votes)
  • Considering it after reading your entry.
  • 1 percent (1 vote)

To the 15 of you already shaved and reaping the benefits, hurray! We bet your cocks are looking mighty fine and strutting their stuff in all that new action. (Feel free to send pictures!) To that one lonely vote wishing for a little more action for the family jewels, we say, "Go for it!" You don't know until you try. To the two votes for "She can suck it like it is," boooo! May your precious scrotum remain ... lonely in all of its hairiness.

Fondly yours,

Update: We encouraged you to send pictures, and Hubman has done exactly that. You can see his fine friend here. And you can read his blog here. Note: The entry containing his photo is after this one ... somehow, that just seemed right to me.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sexy Photos: A Hot Dad's Shaved Cock

Hubman, who blogs at Hubman's Hangout and is a guest blogger at Hot Dads, was kind enough to share his shaved friend with us. My, what a nice cock you have! Thank you for permitting us to share it with our readers. :)

Click "Read More" to see his pic ...

If anyone else is interested in having his manly member published, we're happy to oblige (as long as your one-eyed wonder worm isn't doing anything illegal). Just email your photo. Click on the nipple in the right-hand column under "Profile," then choose "email" on the resulting page. We look forward to your submissions!

Fondly yours,

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sexy Link: Halloween is cumming

I never really cared much for Halloween as a kid, but as an adult, I love it! It's the one day all year that I can get dressed up in something that wouldn't be acceptable any other day and then be theatrical to boot.

Have you scouted about for Halloween costumes lately? I like to make my own, but this year I thought I'd do a little shopping to get my brainstorm on. Still not sure what we're (yes, I'm hoping Jack will be ridiculous with me) going to be this year. I can tell you, though, that the online search sure got my mojo going! And since you may still be wondering, "What type of fool will I make of myself this year?" I thought to share these with you.

I'm thinking that the team involved in the design of these particular costumes were predominantly male in desperate need of getting laid. I'm also betting that we'll see at least one of these at the club on Halloween:

I'm fairly certainly that the male of our species had a hand in these, as well, but this group was more focused on practical jokes and football games. They may even have been virgins, and their frat house mentally tells us why:

These required a special committee, indeed. I'm thinking couples, where the guys are pussy whipped, and the girl said something like, "Wouldn't that be SOOOO cute!?"

Then there's a group of costumes that have to be the newest ideas since the Richard Nixon mask was popular in, what, the 1970s? The green army man is probably my personal fav (but, ah, no, I won't be donning it):

(The last one made me smile because the marketing team made sure to note that you're getting seven pieces -- count 'em! -- in exchange for your $40 plus shipping!)

So, what shall we be? As far as couples costumes go, most put the guy in a pretty uncomfortable situation: Tights for his Superman or Batman to her Supergirl or Cat Woman; that God-awful shorts outfit for his Raggedy Andy to her Raggedy Ann; or hot and sweaty for his Cowardly Lion, Tin Man, or straw-filled Scarecrow to her Dorothy.

Some of the options we're considering are:

Gynecologist and patient, his comfy scrubs and my easy access hospital gown?

Football player and cheerleader, which needs nothing more than things we already own.

Magician and a bunny ... a sexy bunny, of course. As long as he doesn't make me disappear. :)

Hugh Hefner and one of THOSE bunnies! Always a good time here.

Two cops ... an excuse to frisk our friends all night long. ;)

Cop and prisoner - could go either way ... depends on who wants to be on top?

St. Pauli Girl and Captain Morgan! I just think that one sounds like fun.

Thoughts? Maybe I'll make that a poll in a couple days ... when everyone's done talking about shaved cocks. Tell me: What are YOU going to be this Halloween?

Fondly yours,

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Sexy Link: Pet peeves about guys?

More "news" from LOL

Women's pet peeves about their guy

"He throws his clothes next to the laundry basket. This is one of the most annoying things that he does. After 11 years, you would think he would finally see where the laundry basket is, but no. I've even tried moving the laundry basket to where the clothes land, but he still misses the basket. At this point, I think he might be doing it on purpose."
--Linda St.Cyr, Blakeslee, Pennsylvania

Commentary: Jack so does NOT do this. As a matter of fact, he probably is more irritated with me because I throw mine on the bathroom floor and sometimes forget about them.

"My significant other has ADHD-TV, and he doesn't deny it. He can't watch television without changing the channel at every commercial. When he switches back, it is usually well into the program again. I don't think he has ever watched an entire show. Too bad I can't find a 12-step program for people with ADHD-TV and their significant others. I end up retreating to the bedroom where I can watch my TV in peace."
-- Kimberly Ray, Valparaiso, Indiana
Commentary: Not a problem. Within minutes of turning on the television, Jack is usually asleep, and, honestly, it doesn't bother me a bit. If he's not asleep, then he finds something he wants to watch, and the channel stays right where it is.

"My husband sometimes wakes me up earlier than I want to be awake, and does so by yelling, 'Babe, get up!' I get up startled and grumpy, and pretty much vow to make him pay. I then act ugly and obnoxious for an hour or so, until he does something sweet to make up (like take me to Starbucks), promising to never wake me up that way again. Until the next time."
-- Tricia Goss, Fort Worth, Texas
Commentary: I'll admit that Jack often wakes me prior to my beauty sleep being complete. However, in his favor, it's usually for sex, and, if I awaken for the treat, he'll let me go back to sleep again afterward.

After reading every single pet peeve in the article, I can honestly say that Jack doesn't do any of them! He, however, will probably pick up on one or two and say that I do them. Good thing he doesn't blog ... LOL!

Fondly yours,

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sexy Link: Tom is a friend of yours?

I'm a news and information junkie. I can't help it. If I'm on once a day, I'm there 10 times day. I just want to make sure that I know if something big happens. And while I'm there, I read up on some pretty stupid shit. I've always said that I'm the one to have on your team if the local bar suddenly breaks out into trivia-for-drinks mode.

This is an excerpt from's Health section:

( -- AWOL tampons, gas, losing your breakfast on the doc? To prove that you are so not alone when it comes to mortifying health mishaps, Health readers shared some of their stories with us. And our own medical editor, Roshini Rajapaksa, MD, weighs in on when you really do need to talk to your doctor about an embarrassing episode or symptom.

[cut to the chase through all the boring stuff.]

R-rated undies

My husband and I were celebrating our five-year anniversary the same day I had to go to the doctor for a general checkup. Since I was going immediately to our date after my appointment, I dressed accordingly, meaning sexy dress and even-sexier panties.

I didn't realize that the doctor was going to do a full-body mole check and ask me to strip down to my bra and underwear (with a robe), and I immediately regretted wearing the G-string I had personalized to say "Happy anniversary, Tom. Your present is underneath."

I hoped the doctor wouldn't see it, but halfway through the screening, he said, "I take it Tom is a friend of yours?" I wanted to die. --Jocelyn, Boston, Massachusetts

I don't know about you, but my mom only told me what to wear in case of an accident. She never mentioned full-body mole checks.

Fondly yours,

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sexy Advice: Guys, please take note

So, I'm browsing around the blogs that I read fairly regularly (well, okay, when I find the time), and pause here at SeXXXcapades' Fan of the Month entry. I'm thinking this is a pretty cool idea and wish I'd have thought of it. ;)

I scroll down to see their Fan of the Month photos (we all want to see the pretty pictures, right?). Ashlee Adams, Mina Stefan, and Ms. Mandy May are all looking good and the Panty Inspector has possibilities. Then I see Wicked Richard and Doughboy, and, while their cocks are nice enough, I think to myself, "If I had a bush like that, no man (or woman!) I know would get anywhere near my pussy!" Prior to meeting Jack, I had a tiny little strip of hair remaining, but that's long gone knowing that he prefers me Brazilian. And I have no complaints - he likes to lick it clean, so clean shaven it is for me!

As I pause on these photos, I am, again, thankful, that Jack's cock is so fabulous! Not only is his cock a perfect fit for all of the orifices I have to offer, but he keeps Monster's surrounding areas neatly trimmed.  Guys, please take note, if your lady friend is constantly stopping to pick a hair from her teeth or won't venture to those balls that are just craving her attention, then maybe a little trimming is what your amazing manly member requires.

I don't say this to be mean, and my apologies to Wicked Richard and Doughboy that I made examples of you both, but someone has got to speak up for all of us who truly enjoy sucking a nice bulging cock. We flossed before we found ourselves face down in your crotch and the introduction of your tiny little hairs between our teeth is not the pleasure we seek.

So, please, take the same advice that you've given us ladies over the years: If you want my tongue to venture into your promised land, a little bushwhacking is due.

Fondly yours,

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Real Life Sex Story: On the rocks!

We only had a short time to enjoy the sights of Bermuda and decided that the best way to get in as much of this beautiful island as possible was to rent a moped. Honestly, I was scared. I hate two-wheeled vehicles, including bicycles (childhood trauma). Add that to this thing about driving on the “wrong” side of road (I know, it’s all in one’s perspective), and I was close to terrified. Jack, however, was quite excited, and I didn’t want to dampen the spirit of the day, so I went along for the ride, so to speak.

It was a clear day, our smiles were bright, and we just went with it. I honestly couldn’t have told you how far we had gone when Jack decided to turn off the beaten path and into the parking lot of some place as yet unknown. The very first thing that struck me was chickens. Yes, I said chickens. There were wild chickens running about. I immediately grabbed my camera and started clicking … just because.

After getting over the mild shock of being surrounded by begging chickens, we walked a short distance down a path, and the sight was as spectacular as the chickens were strange to us! There were huge rocks obviously worn by years of exposure to the sea and the sea itself, in beautiful shades of blues and greens, that seemed to go on forever. And not a soul anywhere. It was our own private little haven, and the first thing I thought of was SEX! On the rocks! I didn’t say anything to Jack right away. After all, I didn’t want to be arrested for indecent exposure in a foreign country. Just a second after I had these thoughts, I heard from Jack: “Where’s the camera? Take your top off ...” As I did, the tingling began ...

In spite of the solitude, I was still nervous about being completely nude out here, so I did take my top off, but only my top, as Jack happily clicked away. And the more he clicked, the more my nerves diminished. I dropped the towel and wandered around our private little cove in just my swimsuit bottoms. A little further down, toward the water, we discovered that the real secret to this spot were the alcoves within the rocks where, literally, we would be completely hidden from any passersby – whether by foot, air, or surf. I got bold and dropped my bottoms. Jack continued to shoot and, in between shots, I asked to look at the shots to confirm that he was capturing only my most flattering poses (you know how us women are about photos …), and at one point, with the camera in my hands, I told Jack to drop his drawers because turn-about was fair play (really, I just wanted in his pants). We laughed as we passed the camera back and forth, both trying to act casual and equally nervous about getting busted!

I threw a towel down on a flat spot on the rocks and Jack climbed above me. He directed, and I followed [mostly] … put your right leg upon the ledge [why my right leg?] … cover your face with your left arm [does it have to be my left arm?] … touch your pussy with your other hand [that’s not comfortable with my right leg up] … okay, use your left hand [I’m right handed] … and on we went to the tune of probably fifty or so photos and a handful of wetness.

Jack mentioned that it looked like there was a little storm brewing and that it seemed to be coming our way. We thought about packing up and heading out, but he could tell that I was reluctant to get dressed. He was surprised, as it’s usually he who takes the position that naked is better – and he said, “Sex? Here? Seriously?” and the grin I returned was all the response he needed. He surveyed our surroundings (he is, when all is said and done, a cautious man), we stashed the camera equipment to protect it from the rain, and then he promptly suggested a spot among the alcoves.

I climbed up, set a towel down, and sat on the rock, completely naked and taking in the sun. He wasn’t far behind … he positioned himself so that he and his eager cock faced me. He reached down and felt how wet I was at the idea of making love to him right here. As he inserted his finger in my moist pussy, I took his already hard cock in my mouth and hand and began to suck and lick enthusiastically, looking up into his eyes periodically. I love to suck his cock and see the pleasure in his eyes while I’m doing it! In spite of my nerves, the excitement of the experience meant that it wasn’t going to take long for me to cum, and I recall thinking that I was being awfully loud for our location – yes, I’m a moaner; sometimes a screamer. He somehow managed to play with my clit while simultaneously finger fucking me with just one hand, and in just moments, I released his cock from my mouth and groaned loudly in pleasure, the speed of which surprised Jack.

Whenever the chance arises, I’m the first to stick my ass in the air and take him doggie – he knows this, and we both laugh when I’m able to jump into position faster than he can pin me down in some other way. Hard rocks in my back were last on my list of things to experience today, so I jumped up quicker than he could say, “Nice O,” and stuck my ass and sopping pussy up high to greet his manhood, figuring my knees would sooner recover. He slammed into me, almost knocking me off balance and off my rock; this basically being an ‘instant message’ telling me to hold on tight, because he was in the mood to fuck! The angle – my legs spread just enough and the height of this particular rock exact -- was perfect to feel the full weight of his balls on my clit each time he slammed into me. Post climax, this sent shivers through me, and my moans reverberated loud and proud through those rocks and, I’m sure, around the corner into the island.

The harder he slammed, the louder I got, and the more I held onto that damned rock! Jack was a thrusting madman today, and I was loving every second of it! And as I was, he slowed down, obviously wanting to make this last … but as wet as I was, he rubbed against me just the right way, and that, too, sent me into ecstasy. Just then, I flashed back to a night at our favorite club … in a back room with a mirrored wall … one of the sweetest pussies I’ve ever tasted in my face … his cock in her mouth … her moans coming back to me … then back to this moment, as I felt Jack’s final surge and one last slam as he came, also moaning loudly in pleasure.

Some take their Sex On The Beach. I’ll take mine On The Rocks, thank you very much.

Fondly yours,

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sexy Poll Results: What about piercings?

I gather you folks don't like polls so much ... or maybe I need to make them more interesting. I must say this much: I ask questions to which I truly would like to know the answers, so, whether it results in a blog entry or not, please participate!

So, what about piercings? A whopping 4 of you answered the question, and the responses were split evenly between "Certainly not - leave the body alone!" and "A few 'normal' piercings are okay." Not a one of you selected "Any where, any time."

I happen to prefer "normal" piercings. My partner has none, though a little diamond stud earring could be appreciated. I have a few ear piercings, as well as belly button and tongue rings -- nothing too obnoxious.

For your browsing pleasure, here are a few interesting piercings:

Credit, left: LoveLifeLikeYourself blog.  What the hell?  I don't think I'm up for one of these.  Be honest - if you don't have your own nipples pierces, how long did you have to look at it before you figured out what body part it was??  (Took me a few minutes!)

Credit, right: KyleBerg29 blog. Never. Simply never would I do this.  This is awful to even look at it, and I can't for the life of me even think of a single reason that someone would do this to themselves.

Credit, left:  How the hell does one use that thing??  LOL  Does it have to be unlaced or is it like crotchless panties, and there's a secret opening?  I wonder if it helps keep everything from sagging as one ages?  Hhhhmmm.
Credit, right: The Fallen Angel's Shop. Considered fairly "normal," but not for me.  One assumes that the lips would feel mighty nice on a cock. Any thoughts?
Credit, left: Wikipedia. Personally, I think this would feel really good from the fem standpoint, but I don't know any guys that would be willing!  Whenever the topic of cock piercings comes up in conversation, not one single male jumps up and screams, "OMG! I want someone to stick a 10-gauge needle in my dick!"  Just saying.

Credit, right: The Ouch. 'Nough said.

If you're interested in seeing more, do a simple image search for "piercings" in your favorite search engine.

Fondly yours,

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sexy Link: Yahoo! BIG DISCOUNTS

This may seem really out of place here, and I'm sorry if you're disappointed with this post, but if you have a need to find a host for your domain, PLEASE read on!

I manage several web sites and prefer to have my own domain for each, as opposed to utilizing the free subdomains that so many companies (including offer. Because my background is in marketing, I'm very in tune with brand identity and feel strongly that using a subdomain (i.e., versus your own domain (i.e. distracts from any marketing messages trying to be conveyed. In order to use my own domain names, I need a host, and here come the challenges - down time, customer service, bandwidth, storage, interfaces, FTP, extras ... so many aspects to compare. My method of comparing involved trying different hosts and then ...

Remember when your elementary school-aged child came home with this riddle: Why do you always find something in the last place you look? Because you quit looking once you find it! Duh!

Well, I quit looking when I found Yahoo! Now that I've used them for a couple of years, I can recommend them free and clear of any baggage. Their interfaces are intuitive, down time is nonexistent, response time is excellent, and prices are always competitive. These are, perhaps, the four most important comparables in my book.

Unfortunately, some of my sites are still tied into agreements with other providers, but when those agreements expire, I'm transferring those domains to Yahoo! I'll say, however, that the competition is fierce in this arena, and I'm still willing to try something highly recommended by trusted associates. If I find something I think is better, I'll be sure to pass it on.

In the meantime, if you're looking for a reliable host, head on over to Yahoo! Their current discount means you pay just $5 a month for your site, for the first 12 months (only $10 after that). That includes a FREE domain name, UNLIMITED data transfer and disk storage, and up to 1,000 email addresses.

Fondly yours,

P.S. Their $5 a month sale ends October 8, 2009, so if you're looking to get a site up, do it now!

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sexy Thank Yous: Thank you for reading us!

Three new followers, three very sexy thank yous go out to ... Lion Heart (nice cock!), Andreea Star (blog here ... I can't read it, but the pix are pretty cool), and Cleo Faye (blog here).

Regarding Cleo Faye, her most recent "Links Galore" entry is an interesting read. From one of the links, I picked up this tidbit: "According to Xandria Collection’s Toys in the Sheets survey, the most common vibrator user was a white Christian married woman, in her thirties, who votes Republican." Hmmm. I find it odd that they felt it was important to note that they vote Republican.

Fondly yours,

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sexy Link:

We've moved our blog just a few keystrokes away to, in order to expand what "Stray Together" offers visitors.

As we noted on the front page of Stray Together, we have some kinks to work out, lots of content to add, and TONS of formatting (it looks awful right now - we know). Modifying someone else's template when you didn't write the code itself is an arduous task, but in order to keep design continuity, we decided to go that route.

This means that we'll be enhancing the content of the blog, as well, so you can look forward to some neat additions in the near future.

We're looking for ideas as far as content. If you have any suggestions at all, please let us know. We'd love to hear from you. You can leave comments here or email us ... Info AT

Fondly yours,

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sexy Link: You've GOT to see this!

This may well be the funniest thing I've read in a year.

Thanks go to Relevant Married Guy for posting it. Made my day.

Fondly yours,

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Real Life Sex Story: Nobody's Home

I couldn’t sleep last night and not really sure why – that’s unusual for me, indeed, especially after the great sex Jack and I had last night!

Whatever the reason, as a result of my restless night, I’m feeling “lazy mode” today. I have lots to do, and I know I’ll get to it, but first I’ve decided to do some blog work, which, of course, isn’t really work at all! I need to close out the most recent poll (check), create a new one (hmmmm), thank our new followers, check out everyone else’s new blog entries. What did everyone do this past weekend?? So, I’m reading, and feeling a little tingly … Jack’s at the office. What’s a girl to do?

Keep reading … after all, I have a lot to accomplish today.

SeXXXcapades “Location, Location, Location” entry reminds me of some of the crazy things Jack and I have done. I’ll give you the answers, but you have to read their blog to see the questions. 1. I have to agree with Brett’s answer! 2. Hell, yeah! The bar/lounge on a cruise ship comes to mind! 3. Blow jobs and pussy play fairly often. 4. In the hallway (yes, hallway) outside of our room of a hotel we once stayed at after a night at a swing club. 5. The deck of his parents’ condo. Bonus: We love the clubs. :)

Popping over to Detrange to see what hot new F/F/F photos are posted … mmmm. Nice.

Wondering what Oasis has been up to and click over … she got me at “… playing with April’s pussy …” I find that I’m playing with my nipples and continue to click around her blog, landing here. Yummy! Wishing that there were a few less states between here and Arizona!

That leads me to My Sexy Hotwife’s entry from this weekend and another SeXXXcapades posting, include photos of MsMandyMay, and – my SeXXXcapades has been busy – this sexy story about Alisha’s pussy and Brett’s love of it here. I’m now wishing Jack were home, but, alas, he has meetings and won’t be home until at least 5 or 6 p.m., and I definitely will be taking care of this tingle before then … my hand slides between my legs and I gather my boy-short panties in a bunch and rub them against my aching pussy.

Somehow I end up at Naughty Wife’s blog and this page with a collection of Hotwife pix. I realize that I’m for certain in girl-girl mode and wishing I had that one special girlfriend that I could call on a moment’s notice for some fun a little afternoon delight. That not being the case, I realize that this line of “work” is hazardous to my to-do list, as I switch over to Keez and randomly pick a movie. This one looks fun …

Within the first 22 seconds, “fun” is confirmed. These girls are hot, both my type, and know how to have a good time. I pull my panties to the side and begin rubbing my already wet pussy. Up and down and little counter clockwise circles … nice and easy. I’m seriously in the mood though, and, by the time the first girl starts eating the other’s pussy, I’m dripping, and rubbing a little harder, a little faster. I want to see more of this movie before I get off though, so I back off my clit. I stick my finger in my hole and finger fuck myself slapping my clit with the palm of my hand as I do. I wonder, why the hell did I start this in the dining room and not in the bedroom where the new toy is?
My new toy

These are going at it a lot harder than I would, but the fact that they’re so thoroughly enjoying it is making me want to explode. There’s nothing worse than fake moans and, if they’re faking it, they’re damned good at it! This is my thought as I head to the bedroom for the new glass dildo … when I return to the dining room, the darker haired girl is up on the edge of the tub getting fucked hard with the dildo until you can just tell she can’t take any more. This is really too much for me … I stick the dildo in myself, harder than intended, but it feels good. I start rubbing my clit faster, harder, and it only takes a few seconds before I lose it.


Or so I think.

I click play again, in order to finish this entry, and find myself becoming hot again. Now this is an unusual event … I’m going for two in a row, and Jack is at the office. He’ll be bummed he missed it. I type, “These girls are hot …”

I’ll let your imagination take that second O to whatever extremes they desire.

Fondly yours,

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Monday, August 31, 2009

Sexy Poll Results: How often do you orgasm?

The question: Considering a typical M/F sexual encounter ... How often does the guy orgasm? How often does the lady orgasm? (Choose one answer for "Guy" and one answer for "Lady.")

Only 10 of you shared your experiences with regard to orgasms during a typical male/female encounter. Of those, I personally found it interesting that there were any guys at all that didn’t fall into the 99.9 category, but – hey – that’s just based on my own experiences.

The end results, with answers for 10 guys and 8 ladies:


  • 80 percent achieve the ultimate goal 99.9 percent of the time.

  • 10 percent are in the 75 percent range.

  • 10 percent of you achieve it just 50 percent of the time.

  • 20 percent get there 99.9 percent of the time.

  • 20 percent, 75 percent of the time.

  • 40 percent make it 50 percent of the time.

  • 20 percent … no answer.

So, what does this really mean to all of us?? We can all just keep trying to achieve 99.9 percent!!! :)

Fondly yours,

P.S. You know that margin of error thing they talk about all the time in political polls? Well the margin for error here is 100 percent -- it's the Internet, so anyone can say whatever they want, and we shouldn't believe everything we read! ;)

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Real Life Sex Story: Making it Extraordinary

After a no-frills Chinese take out dinner, Jack had to run out for a few minutes. I knew when he returned that we’d make love, but we both had experienced long days and were tired, so I figured the sex would also be a no-frills event. As is often the case, however, I had this sudden urge to make something ordinary extraordinary, even if it was last minute and there was insufficient time to do so.

Having showered before dinner, I changed into a sexy little white lace baby doll (like this one) and matching thong, started lighting candles around the bedroom, including one under the lavender oil burner, made a couple of drinks, and believe it or not, grabbed the laptop and our fortune cookies from dinner. I had an idea! I carefully opened one cookie, tweezed out the fortune, and cut out a small piece of paper from another sheet. On it, I wrote, “There’s a blow job in your future.” I carefully placed the fortune in the cookie and the cookie back in its wrapper, then placed it on the bed in Jack’s spot, leaving the other nearer my side, so we would open them together.

Jack returned and found me and my laptop in bed. LOL! He headed for the shower with a big grin on his face, not knowing what I had in mind, but also not distracted by the sight of the laptop.

Typically, I blog without fanfare, no one over my shoulder, no edits, and no one approves. Jack once mentioned he’d like to watch the process, which, frankly, I think is pretty boring if you’re not actually inside of my head. But he thought it’d be hot to re-live the moments in my version of the play-by-play. Well, this was his chance, as long as he didn’t become over-the-shoulder editor, he’d get to watch.

After his shower, he crawled in the bed beside me, naked, smelling fresh and clean, the grin still on his face. He reached for his fortune cookie, opened it, and said, “I guess I have no future – no fortune.” Knowing what I had done, I said, “Are you sure?” looked over at his barely cracked cookie, and said, in a smart-ass tone, “You have to actually open the thing, Honnnneeey!” He did, laughed because there was indeed a fortune there, and read, “There’s a blow job in your future.” And it didn’t even phase him. Surprised by his lack of reaction, I said, “What? It doesn’t say that – you tell me the doctor tells you that you need more blow jobs! What does it really say?” And a light went off in his head like, “Wait, fortunes are never that good!” and asked, “Did you do that? THAT’s how you knew I had a fortune!” Then realizing that I would be sucking his cock tonight, his grin widened.

I turned to my laptop and began the entry called “Mission Accomplished.” “We had so much to do that day that getting ready for the club …” By the second paragraph, his hands were roaming, and, as I started remember the experience of which I was writing, I felt the tingling between my legs. “One Lucky Lady was leaning back in a high-top chair, legs spread and sans panties …” I had the notes I had prepared during “Big Trucker on I-95” and they were well done, so I was going about it pretty quickly. Jack’s hand found my breasts and began playing with my nipples. I typed. “The guys each started playing with her perky breasts …” I glanced at Jack’s cock and it was growing. I paused and he threw out a suggested word. I backspaced and typed again. We went on like this for a while, and he was being a very good spectator, having left his editorial persona elsewhere for the evening. His hands were grazing, my fingers typing, light chatter between us, candles flickering, and the scent of lavender filling the room. I could feel my moisture building. His cock was rock hard. “I knew the Mission would be accomplished tonight, but not yet.” I really wanted this entry completed. I really wanted JACK’S entry!

I typed. As I neared the end, his hand – Jack has great hands – slipped to my thigh. My legs spread ever so slightly. I typed (such self-control). “Fondly yours, Jill” and clicked ‘send.’ I put the laptop aside, and my face went right for Jack’s now rock-hard cock.

As he was lying ‘properly’ in the bed, and I had been sitting near the head of it, I leaned forward and stretched out so that my knees were near his head and my face fell right to his crotch. I dove right in and took as much as I could in my mouth, knowing this instant engulfment would strike him full force like no other sensation would have. He groaned loudly and I saw, in the mirror, his head sink into the pillow. I pulled back so that I could see his beautiful cock and feast on it with both hands and eyes. I leaned in and sucked just the head – softly, then firmly. He attempted to thrust it down my throat, but I was ready, and pulled back in order to tease him and make this last. I smiled at him in the mirror and he smiled back.

I leaned further forward and licked his balls. I took each in my mouth, in turn, and licked them generously. I returned to his cock and began licking his hard shaft while he watched me in the mirror as I enjoyed my real dessert. As is always said, it doesn’t take long after eating Chinese that one becomes hungry again!

I interchanged long strokes with short ones, sucking just the head with deep-throating and gently licking his balls with firm sucking. I looked his way occasionally to confirm he was enjoying the show, which he definitely was! His hands were roaming all over my legs, ass, and back, seemingly lost and without purpose, as he was so distracted by my tongue, lips, and hands roving about his great body.

Slowly, my tongue and I slid down his left inner thigh, licking all the way. As I approached his calf, I carefully maneuvered so that I was now facing him, and reversed my trek, up his right leg this time. When I reached the top of his thigh, I avoided his throbbing cock and licked my way around by way of his hip. I tongued my way to his navel, up the center of his abdomen and to his left nipple. I looked him in the eyes while I teased his nipple with my teeth and tongue. He could only take it so long before he closed his eyes and pushed his head back again. My mouth made its way to the other nipple, licking, sucking, and gently biting, while my fingers played with the first.

Since Jack had taken an extra long shower in anticipation of play, I decided I would give him a very special treat in return. I left his wonderful chest to kiss him – to make sure that I had his full attention – and began my way back down his torso, my tongue, teeth, and lips leading the way. I gently licked his cock without touching it with my hands, then slid my tongue to lick his balls.

A masseuse once told me that one of the keys to a great massage was never leaving the client without the sense of touch, so they are trained to always keep at least one hand on the client’s body. Otherwise, the client can become distracted and disconnected. This is a philosophy I hold dear when I’m giving the ultimate sexual pleasure to another.

I moved my hand to Jack’s cock and massaged it as I rolled onto my back, lifted his right leg slightly, and placed my head between his legs to access his balls from beneath. I took each in my mouth, one at a time, and licked and sucked. He moaned, loudly this time. He knew what I was doing, where I was going. This is what he had hoped when he took that extra long shower. I licked his perineum -- the spot between his balls and anus -- with tiny little flicks of my tongue. Another moan, longer this time. My arm was wrapped around his thigh and I used my shoulder to lift his leg a little higher. I flicked my tongue at his anus. Another moan, louder yet again. He bent both legs at the knee, to afford me better access. I moved in further so that my torso was perpendicular to his legs, reached for his cock with my left hand, which was noticeably throbbing, and began massaging it, while I licked his asshole and perineum, which had the distinct, fresh scent of Irish Spring.

If I angled myself just right for a second, I could see in the mirror that he was playing with his nipples, head back, eyes closed. This wasn’t going to make him cum – only my mouth or pussy on his cock would do that -- and that was okay. This was entirely about tantalizing as many of his most erogenous zones as possible at one time and, for me, hearing those guttural sounds. Being responsible for such carnal pleasure makes me so very hot!

I licked it all more firmly and much like I would lick a pussy, continuing to massage his cock, and graze at his balls randomly. I thought of one particular pussy I made cum on another occasion, and my own pussy throbbed. I’m not sure even Jack realizes how much I enjoy this. I stuck my tongue ever so slightly into his asshole, and he spread his thighs further apart. I slightly adjusted my position, let his cock go, and eagerly licked, sucked, and teethed at his balls, perineum, and asshole, and put just the tip of my index finger in his asshole. His moans were coming closer together and sounding more out of control.

As I was sort of folded at a 90-degree angle, Jack was able to reach my pussy fairly easily, and did so at this point. The anticipation of this moment had made me wetter than you can imagine. As he placed a couple of fingers in the general area of my pussy, I let out a moan which reverberated from my tongue to his balls – which was where my mouth was at that second – and made him moan again. As he easily slid one finger to my hole, I heard, “Oh my God, you are dripping wet.” Hell, yeah, I was, and I was ready for a serious O!

He began rubbing the hood over my clit up and down in my own juices while I continued to enjoy his forbidden zones. If it was possible, I was getting wetter. He thrust a finger into my pussy and finger fucked me, smoothly and rhythmically for several seconds, then returned to my growing clit, rubbing its hood up and down, then changing to a circular motion, and then up and down again. Periodically, he finger fucked me, keeping his fingers moistened in my own juices, and returned to my sensitive clit’s covering, rubbing, firmly, but gently, and by chance touching the clit itself randomly. All the while, I was nearly uncontrolled between his legs. I licked harder and more eagerly, moaning all the while, and sticking my finger partially in his asshole from time to time and finger fucking it.

He somehow twisted himself so that both hands were at my pussy. With one hand, he placed a finger in my pussy and another at the opening of my own asshole; with the other, he was rubbing the area of my clit. My hips surged toward him, I spread my legs as far apart as possible, and we both knew I was going to cum. After several strokes of both hands in unison, I exploded. Instinctively, I released his sensitive parts from my hands and mouth and latched on to his thighs, my nails digging but trying to be cognizant of any pain I may be imparting. My head whipped backwards, as I moaned loudly and thrust my hips upward, his hands keeping pace with my movements. He rubbed more firmly, hitting my clit with each motion. The cum and my moans flowed freely, until, finally, I squeezed my legs together, and he knew that I was at that too-sensitive place and couldn’t take his touch any longer.

The very best thing after an amazing orgasm, in my opinion, is the feel of Jack’s hard cock fucking me, and, since he’s always loved watching, feeling, and hearing me cum, his cock was like granite! I climbed on top to straddle him and slowly glided onto the Monster until his shaft hit the back wall of me. Oooooh, the feeling of that first entry! I leaned back, resting my hands on his knees, and letting the full effect engulf us both. I glanced toward the mirror and saw him watching me enjoy the moment. He smiled and blew me a kiss. I brought myself forward and kissed his mouth eagerly while my hands found his nipples. I felt his cock jump inside of me. I sat up, continuing to play with his nipples while he grabbed my tits and began playing with them. I was supporting myself with my hands on his chest and began to ride him – slowly, to make it last and because my legs were weak from my own orgasm.

I don’t know how he does it, but he has this move where he lifts me with his arms, effectively moving his cock in and out of my pussy and these are pretty much the only two body parts touching. He did this now, as I steadied myself and attempted to make myself as weightless as possible by supporting myself with my arms. We changed rhythms, slightly changed positions while I remained on top, and continued like this for a bit. What I really wanted, however, was to fuck – hard – in my favorite position. So I smiled sweetly and asked, “Doggie? Please?” to which he smiled.

I repositioned so that I was facing the mirror at the edge of the bed and stuck my ass up high and my shoulders down low and looked into the mirror, waiting for – anticipating -- Monster. He grabbed my hips and his cock slid into me, gently at first, and then he slammed! I all but screamed, “Fuck me, Baby! Please fuck me!” and he did it again, and again, as I met each thrust. Most women say they like doggie because of the control it affords them; I love it because of the feeling of Jack’s balls hitting against my clit. He played with his nipples as I watched in the mirror. What a beautiful, erotic sight! Jack has the most attractive chest and biceps … and his cock is fucking amazing!

I can’t even tell you how long we engaged this way, but I was loving every second of it. I reached for my clit and began slapping it – not too hard -- between his thrusts. The changes in sensation, the sights, and the sounds – they were exploding in my head. He leaned in and kissed my back while squeezing my tits and playing with my nipples. He smacked my ass and kept thrusting. “Tell me how you like it, Baby.” “I like it hard! Fuck me hard!” I felt that familiar, sudden growth of Jack’s cock inside of me, and heard the husky sound of his orgasm. He took my hips and slammed himself into me several more times before I sank into the bed and he settled on top, still inside of me. I heard myself say, “Thank you,” and all he could manage was, “Uh huh,” but I heard a smile behind it.

Fondly yours,

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sexy Thank Yous: Seven new adds!

Much appreciate these new followers with blogs of their own: Prosvich (blogs here and here), Sclavul Femeilor (blog here), SC24Fun (blog here and cool designs here), Jay and Mel (blog here), and OOOs4All (blog here).

And these followers without blogs associated with their profiles: JimBob and 22SSWW.

We're thankful for your support and look forward to sharing our adventures with you!

Fondly yours,

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sexy Thank Yous: Tallgrass, Detrange

Thanking Tallgrass and Detrange for their patronage!

Tallgrass has a blog here and Detrange here (soccer) and here (more like our speed - LOL).

Fondly yours,

P.S. If I've failed to thank anyone or provide a link to your blog, please, please let me know!

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Real Life Sex Story: Big Trucker on I-95

So I had to zip up I-95 a few hours from home a couple of weeks ago and knew the ride was going to bore the hell out of me. And, for the most part, I wasn’t disappointed, but … there was a little fun along the way. I think you’ll find the tale interesting.

I always dress comfortably when taking a trip longer than 30 minutes by car. So a little black cotton dress (like this one – want to make sure to provide visuals!) was working for me and, I was feeling a little horny this particular trip, so in addition to comfort, I opted for easy access -- no panties. And, just in case, I threw in a little bottle of KY – the one like this that comes with a little velvet bag.

I knew this particular drive took me through parts of I-95 that were pretty much barren -- lots of trees, no buildings, and not much traffic. Being a multi-tasker, I brought a bit of work with me, and I always have a notepad and pen, in case a brainstorm hits or I remember something that needs to be done. When I let my mind wander, I often come up with some great ideas, and I want to be prepared.

On this occasion, I started daydreaming about our last visit to the club and got to thinking that I hadn’t yet made any notes about that fabulous night (the one that turned into the blog entry Mission Accomplished) and decided this would be a good opportunity to make those notes while the evening was fresh in my mind. So I started, as I always do, with the mundane parts of the day and then into the night. Doing so helps me get into the state of mind for that particular night and remember the details.

As I got into it … [Jack’s hard-on … the shower] … the details … [Lucky Lady leaning back and her friend eating her pussy at the high-top table] … started flooding my brain … [fresh sheets … mirrors … Lucky Lady naked] … and it was all I could do to keep my eyes on the road … [licking her sweet pussy]. I was on something like page 7 of my notes, and thought it was time to take advantage of the no-panties idea.

I cranked the music (Shaggy’s Lucky Day CD) and slipped my hand between my legs. I put my left foot on the dash and hiked my dress a little higher. I was SO wet from remembering the details of the prior Saturday night! I was just playing and thinking that I sorta wanted this to last a bit, so I teased myself and kept the excitement going. I was moving to the beat of Hey Sexy Lady. I licked my fingers and tasted myself … and realized that I hadn’t been paying so much attention to traffic, as I found a semi driver keeping pace and peering down at me! At first I was sort of embarrassed and then thought, what the heck?! If I can romp naked through a club full of people, why not half-naked in front of a trucker?

I didn’t want to disappoint my new-found audience, but I also didn’t want to get into or cause an accident. I checked traffic and it was pretty much just him and I for a bit, so I hiked my dress a little higher and got the show on the road, so to speak. I got a thumbs up and big grin of approval from the Big Trucker. I pulled the straps of the halter to the sides and began playing with my left breast with my right hand. I licked my finger tips, and played with my right nipple. Big Trucker liked that a lot. Then I slid my hand back between my legs. If I thought I was wet before, now I was truly rocking. I guess having an audience agreed with me.

I put my finger inside of me and brought it to my mouth. I exaggerated my movements so that Big Trucker would get a good show. I made sure my dress stayed hiked and my breasts were still in view. I let my hair fall to my shoulders … he had a permanent smile on his face and blew me a kiss. I played with my clit, then put my finger inside of myself, and licked my lips. I was getting wetter and wetter. The idea of this stranger watching me in public made me crazy. Although I knew he couldn’t hear me, I started moaning while my hips were rocking to the music.

I wished Jack was there and had this idea about camming the whole scene to him, but my laptop wasn’t turned on, but I was … and I wasn’t going to put off this orgasm to get it set up. Next time.

I caressed my breasts again, thinking I could delay getting off and enjoying this moment semi-alone. Then the scene of Lady Friend having her orgasm Saturday night took hold of me, and I knew I couldn’t wait any longer. I barely touched my clit and began rubbing in light, easy circles. I moved my finger lower, and I was dripping wet. I slid my finger into the wetness and back to my clit and started with the circles again, increasing the pressure a little at a time and making the circular movement smaller, then bigger, then smaller, and changing the pressure. I couldn’t be certain, but it looked, from his arm movements, as though Big Trucker might be getting off himself.

And then it was time. I rubbed my clit faster and faster, then threw my head back and, with a loud scream of release, came. It was obvious to anyone watching what was happening inside of my car. I licked my fingers clean, rubbed my breasts, blew Big Trucker a kiss, covered up, and drove off, leaving Big Trucker in my rearview.

I was now only a few minutes from my destination. My how time flies when you’re having fun.

Fondly yours,

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sexy Link: One-night Swinger's take

An excerpt from the column I just read: "So swingers’ clubs as dens of iniquity? Not exactly. As chambers of purity and innocence? Not exactly that, either. As bastions of open-minded play and woman-centered sexuality? Okay, with reservations, I’ll go with that. The women certainly seem to rule the roost and many have found a place to be, ahem, revered, to use Charles’ word."

I found it interesting to read this columnist's take on the lifestyle after a little research and then experiencing just one night at a club. No, this article isn't going to rock your world, but it's sort of comforting to know there are some vanilla-ians - LOL - that don't snub their noses at us, point, and call us freaks. ;)

Fondly yours,

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sexy Thank Yous: Appreciating mention, follows

We're feeling so popular! Okay, so 19 followers may not seem like much to many out there, but I know there are more secret follows and some that read us with following, so we're excited!

Frustrated Wife, Friends, and Missy - thank you for the follows! And a special "thank you" to Danny Blaq for the mention. If you're Twittering, please follow Danny. He's not just another porn star, he's really a nice guy. =)

Fondly yours,

P.S. We know you're looking for our Monday night madness post and are trying to find time to get it written and posted, as well as a review of this nifty toy ... we also have an orgasmic drive down I-95 to tell you about! Please stay tuned. ;)

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Real Life Sex Story: Mission accomplished

We had so much to do that day that getting ready for the club turned into a rushed event. Jack had taken a nap and woke up with a hard on. It greeted me in the shower. I thought we might have time for a quickie and bent over, letting him enter me from behind. I was reminded that “hurry up” isn’t the thing a guy wants to hear in this position. LOL! He decided to wait until later and I left him and his woody in the shower, while I went to finish getting ready. I shaved my pussy (using his super-fine electric razor so as to not leave those nasty little red bumps), applied body lotion, after-shower spritz (vanilla, ironically), and slipped on a sexy little black dress and black patent fuck-me pumps with an ankle strap. Make-up, hair, and done! I had packed everything earlier in the day – gels, toys, liquor – so all I needed was Jack.

We had been up so late the night before that we were both dragging a little, so we picked up Monster as our mixer for the night and headed to the club. We arrived a few minutes earlier than expected. I got a drink from the bar, said my “hellos,” and was introduced to my first tour – a unicorn, yay! Turns out she was already matched up with friends, so we toured, hugged, and went our separate ways. I caught up with Jack and found out that the other host couple was a no show. Going to be a busy night!

By 11 p.m., our second winds kicked in, thanks to our Monster (that would be Monster the beverage, not Jack’s cock, as I’ve fondly dubbed it). We hit the dance floor running, so to speak, and returned to the sight of several of our friends having a serious time with one another. One Lucky Lady was leaning back in a high-top chair, legs spread and sans panties, with a female friend bent in front of her licking her pussy and Lady Friend and another sucking her breasts. Lady Friend looked so sexy in this little black dress! By the time we had full view, a couple of other ladies had gathered around and were touching her where ever they could. One was kissing her deeply. The crowd of guys around the scene only parted for more ladies to join in the action. I was getting hot watching Lady Friend play with the Lucky Lady’s nipples and thoroughly enjoying the view. A friend I hadn’t seen in a while came up behind me about that time, and we began chatting. When I turned back, the scene had disappeared. What a shame!

I think our group had collectively decided that they would wait until I was ready before suggesting we get a room. I was ready around midnight and made the suggestion myself. It was a busy night, and, of the 20 rooms in the club, the 10 or so open ones all needed fresh sheets. I was eager to play and went to get them myself. Unless I’m looking for a particular swing or the Sybian, the décor really doesn’t much matter to me. I found the first open room and with everyone following, declared this would be it. Jack’s only question: Are there mirrors? Yes. He left to get our bag of toys and such from the locker and returned as Lady Friend and I had just finished changing the sheets.

As usual, I was the first to be undressed (when I’m ready, I’m ready), and lay across the mattresses watching everyone else strip. I was hot tonight and on a Mission. Jack was next. He came over to me, and I began playing with him, but the idea of a sweet naked pussy so close got my urge to lick it going. I wasn’t, however, going to kamikazi this poor lady by going straight for it. As I said, I was on a Mission, and in order to achieve it, I knew we all had to slow down and make her want it.

I all but ordered Lady Friend to lie down, with Jack on one side of her and the Mr. on the other. I got the prime spot between her legs. She seemed nervous – she’s new to all this – and I quietly told her to just relax. I asked the guys to gently caress her and just gently touch her all over her body, and they did as I asked. I grazed my fingers over her legs and tummy and resisted Temptation. We did this for several minutes, as I cooed softly for her to relax and enjoy the sensations. The guys each started playing with her perky breasts and when one leaned down to suck a nipple, the other followed suit. I continued sending tingling sensations through her from toes to torso. I leaned in to kiss her thighs and let my long hair brush against them. I wasn’t going to touch Temptation until I felt she was weak with anticipation. We could hear the music from the dance floor, and she started to rock, just the slightest bit, to the beat. She was getting her groove on.

I think I was probably weaker with anticipation than she was at this point. I love to lick pussy and am not typically a patient person. I could feel my juices starting to flow and saw the guys’ cocks grow. I brushed against her pussy lips, and I thought she shivered, in spite of the body heat in the room. I licked the inner crease where thigh meets body, flicking lightly and teasing her. The scent of her filled me. I enjoyed watching the guys play with her and watch me, also anticipating my next move. I was getting wetter. It was time. I gently spread her lips and let her feel my hot breath.

I inserted just the tip of my tongue and felt her pulsing clit. A tiny gasp left her. I licked downward and tasted her sweet juice. Her hips came up to meet my mouth. I inserted my tongue into her and then licked upward. Once at her clit, I teased with a light flicker. I continued this for several minutes, knowing that the altering of sensations was making us both wild. She squirmed and kissed the Mr. with fervor. I heard Jack whisper, “Yeah, baby.” As her excitement grew, so did her pretty little clit. I put my lips over it and sucked it – it was all so sweet – and then pulled back while sucking. The sound of her moans matched my moves. I opened my mouth and took in as much of her pussy as I could. If her wetness was any indication, and I’m sure it was, she was enjoying this as much as I was.

Loving every second of this, but knowing that a change in sensation was in order, I replaced my tongue with my thumb and pulled back to watch. I rubbed the combination of my saliva and her pussy juice on her swollen clit and its tip. There was a discernible increase in moisture as I did so. I knew the Mission would be accomplished tonight, but not yet. I placed one finger in her and finger fucked her for a minute or so. It wasn’t enough, so I inserted two fingers. Her reaction was there, but it wasn’t “all that,” so I guided Jack’s hand toward her tight pussy (he has amazing hands and magic fingers), and he inserted his middle finger and penetrated her this way, while I rubbed her clit in circles, then lines, then circles again. Her enjoyment was obvious, and it made me wetter.

Her hips began rocking harder – either to the music or Jack’s finger, not sure which. The sight was too much for me, and I leaned in to taste her – mmm. I could have stayed here for another hour, but the rocking slowed, and I took this to mean that she preferred finger play at this moment, and I obliged. The rocking began again. I slid my thumb through her juices and back over her clit and was met with an exquisite moan. I did it again, and again, as Jack increased his thrust. Her own juices freely flowed now, and I increased my pace, as she met Jack’s thrusts. Her moans increased, somewhat shyly, but definitely with feeling. We didn’t stop and neither did she. She latched onto the Mr. and with a louder moan of finality thrust her hips high two or three more times, and then lay mostly still.

Mission accomplished.

I leaned in for a final lick, knowing that she’d be sensitive to the touch of my tongue, and then kissed Jack, sharing her juices. I reached for his cock, pushed him on his back, and began riding him. I heard Lady Friend say something but wasn’t paying much attention. Wanting the deeper penetration that only doggy provides, Jack rolled me over and began to fuck me hard. Unfortunately, the interruption made me realize just how much full my bladder was, and I had to stop him! Bummer -- coitus interuptus twice in one night! I grabbed a towel and ran to the restroom, and into Lady Friend. I guess she had had the same idea.

As we returned to the room, we heard last call and knew it was time to pack up. Jack and I would be recalling the evening’s events, I would get my O and that doggy when we got home.

Fondly yours,


P.S. At one point, Lady Friend still seemed to be struggling with relaxing. In hindsight, perhaps because we hadn’t lowered the lights so much, which I know she likes. Or perhaps because of all the attention being given to her. I say the latter because, while Jack, the Mr. and I were of a like mind to focus on her and happy to do so, she reached for Jack’s hard cock. Knowing this would only provide a distraction, I discouraged it. Perhaps it was her way of not accepting all of the attention, feeling compelled to contribute, and I can appreciate that. It’s often hard for us ladies to sit back and relax knowing that all eyes and hands are on us. So take note, readers: First, make sure the atmosphere is conducive to relaxing for the person receiving the attention and, second, if a group wants to focus on you alone, it pleases us to no end, and you are free to just lie there and take it! (On the other hand, Jack’s cock is perfect, if I must say so myself, and it may just be that it was too irresistible!)

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