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Monday, August 31, 2009

Sexy Poll Results: How often do you orgasm?

The question: Considering a typical M/F sexual encounter ... How often does the guy orgasm? How often does the lady orgasm? (Choose one answer for "Guy" and one answer for "Lady.")

Only 10 of you shared your experiences with regard to orgasms during a typical male/female encounter. Of those, I personally found it interesting that there were any guys at all that didn’t fall into the 99.9 category, but – hey – that’s just based on my own experiences.

The end results, with answers for 10 guys and 8 ladies:


  • 80 percent achieve the ultimate goal 99.9 percent of the time.

  • 10 percent are in the 75 percent range.

  • 10 percent of you achieve it just 50 percent of the time.

  • 20 percent get there 99.9 percent of the time.

  • 20 percent, 75 percent of the time.

  • 40 percent make it 50 percent of the time.

  • 20 percent … no answer.

So, what does this really mean to all of us?? We can all just keep trying to achieve 99.9 percent!!! :)

Fondly yours,

P.S. You know that margin of error thing they talk about all the time in political polls? Well the margin for error here is 100 percent -- it's the Internet, so anyone can say whatever they want, and we shouldn't believe everything we read! ;)