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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Real Life Sex Story: Nobody's Home

I couldn’t sleep last night and not really sure why – that’s unusual for me, indeed, especially after the great sex Jack and I had last night!

Whatever the reason, as a result of my restless night, I’m feeling “lazy mode” today. I have lots to do, and I know I’ll get to it, but first I’ve decided to do some blog work, which, of course, isn’t really work at all! I need to close out the most recent poll (check), create a new one (hmmmm), thank our new followers, check out everyone else’s new blog entries. What did everyone do this past weekend?? So, I’m reading, and feeling a little tingly … Jack’s at the office. What’s a girl to do?

Keep reading … after all, I have a lot to accomplish today.

SeXXXcapades “Location, Location, Location” entry reminds me of some of the crazy things Jack and I have done. I’ll give you the answers, but you have to read their blog to see the questions. 1. I have to agree with Brett’s answer! 2. Hell, yeah! The bar/lounge on a cruise ship comes to mind! 3. Blow jobs and pussy play fairly often. 4. In the hallway (yes, hallway) outside of our room of a hotel we once stayed at after a night at a swing club. 5. The deck of his parents’ condo. Bonus: We love the clubs. :)

Popping over to Detrange to see what hot new F/F/F photos are posted … mmmm. Nice.

Wondering what Oasis has been up to and click over … she got me at “… playing with April’s pussy …” I find that I’m playing with my nipples and continue to click around her blog, landing here. Yummy! Wishing that there were a few less states between here and Arizona!

That leads me to My Sexy Hotwife’s entry from this weekend and another SeXXXcapades posting, include photos of MsMandyMay, and – my SeXXXcapades has been busy – this sexy story about Alisha’s pussy and Brett’s love of it here. I’m now wishing Jack were home, but, alas, he has meetings and won’t be home until at least 5 or 6 p.m., and I definitely will be taking care of this tingle before then … my hand slides between my legs and I gather my boy-short panties in a bunch and rub them against my aching pussy.

Somehow I end up at Naughty Wife’s blog and this page with a collection of Hotwife pix. I realize that I’m for certain in girl-girl mode and wishing I had that one special girlfriend that I could call on a moment’s notice for some fun a little afternoon delight. That not being the case, I realize that this line of “work” is hazardous to my to-do list, as I switch over to Keez and randomly pick a movie. This one looks fun …

Within the first 22 seconds, “fun” is confirmed. These girls are hot, both my type, and know how to have a good time. I pull my panties to the side and begin rubbing my already wet pussy. Up and down and little counter clockwise circles … nice and easy. I’m seriously in the mood though, and, by the time the first girl starts eating the other’s pussy, I’m dripping, and rubbing a little harder, a little faster. I want to see more of this movie before I get off though, so I back off my clit. I stick my finger in my hole and finger fuck myself slapping my clit with the palm of my hand as I do. I wonder, why the hell did I start this in the dining room and not in the bedroom where the new toy is?
My new toy

These are going at it a lot harder than I would, but the fact that they’re so thoroughly enjoying it is making me want to explode. There’s nothing worse than fake moans and, if they’re faking it, they’re damned good at it! This is my thought as I head to the bedroom for the new glass dildo … when I return to the dining room, the darker haired girl is up on the edge of the tub getting fucked hard with the dildo until you can just tell she can’t take any more. This is really too much for me … I stick the dildo in myself, harder than intended, but it feels good. I start rubbing my clit faster, harder, and it only takes a few seconds before I lose it.


Or so I think.

I click play again, in order to finish this entry, and find myself becoming hot again. Now this is an unusual event … I’m going for two in a row, and Jack is at the office. He’ll be bummed he missed it. I type, “These girls are hot …”

I’ll let your imagination take that second O to whatever extremes they desire.

Fondly yours,