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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sexy Photos: A Hot Dad's Shaved Cock

Hubman, who blogs at Hubman's Hangout and is a guest blogger at Hot Dads, was kind enough to share his shaved friend with us. My, what a nice cock you have! Thank you for permitting us to share it with our readers. :)

Click "Read More" to see his pic ...

If anyone else is interested in having his manly member published, we're happy to oblige (as long as your one-eyed wonder worm isn't doing anything illegal). Just email your photo. Click on the nipple in the right-hand column under "Profile," then choose "email" on the resulting page. We look forward to your submissions!

Fondly yours,


Hubman said...

Just to clarily, I'm one of numerous contributors to Hot Dads. My main blog is Hubman's Hangout (

It's my pleasure to show off :-)

Stray Together said...

Apologies and corrections made all around, and you've been added to our Blog Roll.

Again, thank you for participating. Mwah!