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Friday, July 3, 2009

Real Life Sex Story: Mission accomplished

We had so much to do that day that getting ready for the club turned into a rushed event. Jack had taken a nap and woke up with a hard on. It greeted me in the shower. I thought we might have time for a quickie and bent over, letting him enter me from behind. I was reminded that “hurry up” isn’t the thing a guy wants to hear in this position. LOL! He decided to wait until later and I left him and his woody in the shower, while I went to finish getting ready. I shaved my pussy (using his super-fine electric razor so as to not leave those nasty little red bumps), applied body lotion, after-shower spritz (vanilla, ironically), and slipped on a sexy little black dress and black patent fuck-me pumps with an ankle strap. Make-up, hair, and done! I had packed everything earlier in the day – gels, toys, liquor – so all I needed was Jack.

We had been up so late the night before that we were both dragging a little, so we picked up Monster as our mixer for the night and headed to the club. We arrived a few minutes earlier than expected. I got a drink from the bar, said my “hellos,” and was introduced to my first tour – a unicorn, yay! Turns out she was already matched up with friends, so we toured, hugged, and went our separate ways. I caught up with Jack and found out that the other host couple was a no show. Going to be a busy night!

By 11 p.m., our second winds kicked in, thanks to our Monster (that would be Monster the beverage, not Jack’s cock, as I’ve fondly dubbed it). We hit the dance floor running, so to speak, and returned to the sight of several of our friends having a serious time with one another. One Lucky Lady was leaning back in a high-top chair, legs spread and sans panties, with a female friend bent in front of her licking her pussy and Lady Friend and another sucking her breasts. Lady Friend looked so sexy in this little black dress! By the time we had full view, a couple of other ladies had gathered around and were touching her where ever they could. One was kissing her deeply. The crowd of guys around the scene only parted for more ladies to join in the action. I was getting hot watching Lady Friend play with the Lucky Lady’s nipples and thoroughly enjoying the view. A friend I hadn’t seen in a while came up behind me about that time, and we began chatting. When I turned back, the scene had disappeared. What a shame!

I think our group had collectively decided that they would wait until I was ready before suggesting we get a room. I was ready around midnight and made the suggestion myself. It was a busy night, and, of the 20 rooms in the club, the 10 or so open ones all needed fresh sheets. I was eager to play and went to get them myself. Unless I’m looking for a particular swing or the Sybian, the décor really doesn’t much matter to me. I found the first open room and with everyone following, declared this would be it. Jack’s only question: Are there mirrors? Yes. He left to get our bag of toys and such from the locker and returned as Lady Friend and I had just finished changing the sheets.

As usual, I was the first to be undressed (when I’m ready, I’m ready), and lay across the mattresses watching everyone else strip. I was hot tonight and on a Mission. Jack was next. He came over to me, and I began playing with him, but the idea of a sweet naked pussy so close got my urge to lick it going. I wasn’t, however, going to kamikazi this poor lady by going straight for it. As I said, I was on a Mission, and in order to achieve it, I knew we all had to slow down and make her want it.

I all but ordered Lady Friend to lie down, with Jack on one side of her and the Mr. on the other. I got the prime spot between her legs. She seemed nervous – she’s new to all this – and I quietly told her to just relax. I asked the guys to gently caress her and just gently touch her all over her body, and they did as I asked. I grazed my fingers over her legs and tummy and resisted Temptation. We did this for several minutes, as I cooed softly for her to relax and enjoy the sensations. The guys each started playing with her perky breasts and when one leaned down to suck a nipple, the other followed suit. I continued sending tingling sensations through her from toes to torso. I leaned in to kiss her thighs and let my long hair brush against them. I wasn’t going to touch Temptation until I felt she was weak with anticipation. We could hear the music from the dance floor, and she started to rock, just the slightest bit, to the beat. She was getting her groove on.

I think I was probably weaker with anticipation than she was at this point. I love to lick pussy and am not typically a patient person. I could feel my juices starting to flow and saw the guys’ cocks grow. I brushed against her pussy lips, and I thought she shivered, in spite of the body heat in the room. I licked the inner crease where thigh meets body, flicking lightly and teasing her. The scent of her filled me. I enjoyed watching the guys play with her and watch me, also anticipating my next move. I was getting wetter. It was time. I gently spread her lips and let her feel my hot breath.

I inserted just the tip of my tongue and felt her pulsing clit. A tiny gasp left her. I licked downward and tasted her sweet juice. Her hips came up to meet my mouth. I inserted my tongue into her and then licked upward. Once at her clit, I teased with a light flicker. I continued this for several minutes, knowing that the altering of sensations was making us both wild. She squirmed and kissed the Mr. with fervor. I heard Jack whisper, “Yeah, baby.” As her excitement grew, so did her pretty little clit. I put my lips over it and sucked it – it was all so sweet – and then pulled back while sucking. The sound of her moans matched my moves. I opened my mouth and took in as much of her pussy as I could. If her wetness was any indication, and I’m sure it was, she was enjoying this as much as I was.

Loving every second of this, but knowing that a change in sensation was in order, I replaced my tongue with my thumb and pulled back to watch. I rubbed the combination of my saliva and her pussy juice on her swollen clit and its tip. There was a discernible increase in moisture as I did so. I knew the Mission would be accomplished tonight, but not yet. I placed one finger in her and finger fucked her for a minute or so. It wasn’t enough, so I inserted two fingers. Her reaction was there, but it wasn’t “all that,” so I guided Jack’s hand toward her tight pussy (he has amazing hands and magic fingers), and he inserted his middle finger and penetrated her this way, while I rubbed her clit in circles, then lines, then circles again. Her enjoyment was obvious, and it made me wetter.

Her hips began rocking harder – either to the music or Jack’s finger, not sure which. The sight was too much for me, and I leaned in to taste her – mmm. I could have stayed here for another hour, but the rocking slowed, and I took this to mean that she preferred finger play at this moment, and I obliged. The rocking began again. I slid my thumb through her juices and back over her clit and was met with an exquisite moan. I did it again, and again, as Jack increased his thrust. Her own juices freely flowed now, and I increased my pace, as she met Jack’s thrusts. Her moans increased, somewhat shyly, but definitely with feeling. We didn’t stop and neither did she. She latched onto the Mr. and with a louder moan of finality thrust her hips high two or three more times, and then lay mostly still.

Mission accomplished.

I leaned in for a final lick, knowing that she’d be sensitive to the touch of my tongue, and then kissed Jack, sharing her juices. I reached for his cock, pushed him on his back, and began riding him. I heard Lady Friend say something but wasn’t paying much attention. Wanting the deeper penetration that only doggy provides, Jack rolled me over and began to fuck me hard. Unfortunately, the interruption made me realize just how much full my bladder was, and I had to stop him! Bummer -- coitus interuptus twice in one night! I grabbed a towel and ran to the restroom, and into Lady Friend. I guess she had had the same idea.

As we returned to the room, we heard last call and knew it was time to pack up. Jack and I would be recalling the evening’s events, I would get my O and that doggy when we got home.

Fondly yours,


P.S. At one point, Lady Friend still seemed to be struggling with relaxing. In hindsight, perhaps because we hadn’t lowered the lights so much, which I know she likes. Or perhaps because of all the attention being given to her. I say the latter because, while Jack, the Mr. and I were of a like mind to focus on her and happy to do so, she reached for Jack’s hard cock. Knowing this would only provide a distraction, I discouraged it. Perhaps it was her way of not accepting all of the attention, feeling compelled to contribute, and I can appreciate that. It’s often hard for us ladies to sit back and relax knowing that all eyes and hands are on us. So take note, readers: First, make sure the atmosphere is conducive to relaxing for the person receiving the attention and, second, if a group wants to focus on you alone, it pleases us to no end, and you are free to just lie there and take it! (On the other hand, Jack’s cock is perfect, if I must say so myself, and it may just be that it was too irresistible!)


Hubman said...

Damn, wish we had a club in our area like this! We went to Trapeze in Ft. Lauderdale last winter while on vacation and had a blast.

Stray Together said...

It's truly a great place, and we're glad to have found it. We recently asked what the builder's original intent was and were told that it was built to be just exactly what it is! The 20 rooms all have four walls and a door, but the walls don't go to the ceiling. We consider this a good thing, as everyone's able to hear what's going on in the other rooms - very sexy!

We're members at the Trap, too, but don't get there very often. It's nice, but for completely different reasons. Those backroom orgies are the best. ;)


Alisha and Brett said...

very hottt! encounter and we also wish we had clubs like this in our area...

Anonymous said...

I really am aching for a club experience. Your story only makes me want it more.

Stray Together said...

Certainly, we could give up our club, if we had to ... we're glad we don't have to. lists clubs, but I've found they don't always have them all. Also SwingLifestyle -