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Friday, October 23, 2009

Sexy Advice: Ladies, it's your turn

We asked the guys and the majority said they were neatly trimmed in their nether regions. Two of you -- Hubman and BDnied -- even shared photos of your fab friends. Again, we thank the gentlemen for sharing.

Now we figure that turnabout is fair play. If we're not looking for a mouthful of pubes when we want to get our suck on, do you think our gentlemen friends are? For that matter and for the bi ladies out there, do you think our lady friends are?

Admit it, ladies, isn't that just the best treat: To find yourself face first in a nicely trimmed package? The only thing equal is finding myself face first between a lovely lady's legs. But, of course, if I can have both, then how delightful! ;)

I once read an article in a magazine - probably Cosmo or the like - about men's sex confessions. One guy said that he had met a hot chick in a bar or party and, when they hit it off (and got a little tipsy, I'm sure), he took her home expecting an amazing sexual encounter. As she was undressing, he could see hairs poking out of her panties that looked like "little spiders sticking out everywhere" (his words, not mine). When she took those panties off, and his worst fear was confirmed, he promptly closed his eyes and pretended that he had passed out.

So, if you go through any trouble at all - and we certainly hope you do - to make it fresh and tasty with hopes of your partner(s) diving deep in Muffville, then we do suggest that you trim the weeds. At a minimum, you should be shaved to a tiny strip and nothing more. The best, based on our experiences in the lifestyle, is complete shaved. I know most guys will agree on this point. However, if you find yourself to be bi-curious or all out bi (as am I), then I'm here to tell you that your female partners prefer it shaved too.

Having problems with that razor and the little stubble left behind? Don't run away - we have some suggestions for you:

The Dove Option: Think about it - do your pits ever have stubble?

  • Use a brand new disposable razor
  • Gentle soap is fine, but shaving cream is okay too (be careful to not let it into your sensitive spots!)
  • Shave very carefully, including those hard to reach places
  • Squat while shaving and make sure you get the areas below your pussy, including your anus and crack
  • Pat dry and run a gentle deodorant, like Dove, over the areas that tend to get bumps (shouldn't have to do the butt and crack)
  • Air dry before adding that sweet thong (cotton is best) or go without (you'll stay fresher letting her breath)
It's Electric Option: His face doesn't have stubble, why should my pussy?
  • Use the squat method noted above to get the bottom of things, but leave everything else alone
  • Use his pre-shave over the area to be shaved (again, be careful around the crevices and don't get it on the area you shaved with a razor)
  • Let it sit a minute (shouldn't take too long)
  • Use his electric razor to carefully shave the remaining areas
  • Use his after-shave, we like Nivea, over the shaved area
  • Air dry before adding that sweet thong (cotton is best) or go without (you'll stay fresher letting her breath)
Finally, if you still aren't feeling like the shave is close enough, I have this magic tool that I use after either of the options above:

I bought mine a couple of years ago, and it pretty much travels with me, especially if I think there's a lifestyle adventure on our agenda! It's not for use alone, or so the instructions say. Rather, it's a stubble remover. So if you find that you shave yourself raw trying to get the last of the stubble, just shave - shave well, but don't overdo it - and then use this little guy afterward. Note: I use aftershave, again, after using the personal shaver, aka "Pussy Shaver."

Finally, make sure you rub your own hand over everything to make sure you're smooth as silk. You just might find more than hands venturing more often.

Fondly yours,

P.S. Do take a moment, ladies, to answer our new poll question!

P.S.S. The Disclaimer: Stray Together isn't going to accept any responsibility for what you do to your puss. I can't speak for your girlfriend or its sensitivity - try any of the methods mentioned here at your own risk. :)

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sexy Thank Yous: Hugs all around!

We've been remiss in thanking our followers of late. Thanking each of you is simply the right thing to do ... especially because the links help with your SEO efforts. And, since you had to wait, you each get hugs as well as thanks. ;)

Plus GK, The Husband, Lay Swinger, and Couple - all of whom, as far as I can tell, don't have blogs (please correct me if I'm wrong!).

We appreciate your patronage. Knowing you're reading makes it more fun writing. :D

Fondly yours,

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Sexy Photos: Cuckhold's Shaved Cock

I love it when our readers participate!

Here is BDenied's, who blogs at Cuckold Husband, family friend, shaved and proud of it. :) No doubt, it, too, sees plenty of lip action in all its smoothness.

Click "Read More" to see all its glory ...

Thanks for sharing guys!!

Fondly yours,

P.S. I think we're going to poll the ladies next ... and see what pictures we can scare up! ;)

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Sexy Poll Results: Trimmed or not so much?

Well, it looks like we're not going to change the world here - LOL - but I guess one penis is better than none!

In a previous post, which you can view here, we pondered guys shaving the goodies ... or not. At the end of two weeks, the poll results for Trimmed or not so much? are:

  • Definitely. And she sucks more!
  • 83 percent (15 votes)
  • Nope. She can suck it like it is!
  • 11 percent (2 votes)
  • Considering it after reading your entry.
  • 1 percent (1 vote)

To the 15 of you already shaved and reaping the benefits, hurray! We bet your cocks are looking mighty fine and strutting their stuff in all that new action. (Feel free to send pictures!) To that one lonely vote wishing for a little more action for the family jewels, we say, "Go for it!" You don't know until you try. To the two votes for "She can suck it like it is," boooo! May your precious scrotum remain ... lonely in all of its hairiness.

Fondly yours,

Update: We encouraged you to send pictures, and Hubman has done exactly that. You can see his fine friend here. And you can read his blog here. Note: The entry containing his photo is after this one ... somehow, that just seemed right to me.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sexy Photos: A Hot Dad's Shaved Cock

Hubman, who blogs at Hubman's Hangout and is a guest blogger at Hot Dads, was kind enough to share his shaved friend with us. My, what a nice cock you have! Thank you for permitting us to share it with our readers. :)

Click "Read More" to see his pic ...

If anyone else is interested in having his manly member published, we're happy to oblige (as long as your one-eyed wonder worm isn't doing anything illegal). Just email your photo. Click on the nipple in the right-hand column under "Profile," then choose "email" on the resulting page. We look forward to your submissions!

Fondly yours,

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sexy Link: Halloween is cumming

I never really cared much for Halloween as a kid, but as an adult, I love it! It's the one day all year that I can get dressed up in something that wouldn't be acceptable any other day and then be theatrical to boot.

Have you scouted about for Halloween costumes lately? I like to make my own, but this year I thought I'd do a little shopping to get my brainstorm on. Still not sure what we're (yes, I'm hoping Jack will be ridiculous with me) going to be this year. I can tell you, though, that the online search sure got my mojo going! And since you may still be wondering, "What type of fool will I make of myself this year?" I thought to share these with you.

I'm thinking that the team involved in the design of these particular costumes were predominantly male in desperate need of getting laid. I'm also betting that we'll see at least one of these at the club on Halloween:

I'm fairly certainly that the male of our species had a hand in these, as well, but this group was more focused on practical jokes and football games. They may even have been virgins, and their frat house mentally tells us why:

These required a special committee, indeed. I'm thinking couples, where the guys are pussy whipped, and the girl said something like, "Wouldn't that be SOOOO cute!?"

Then there's a group of costumes that have to be the newest ideas since the Richard Nixon mask was popular in, what, the 1970s? The green army man is probably my personal fav (but, ah, no, I won't be donning it):

(The last one made me smile because the marketing team made sure to note that you're getting seven pieces -- count 'em! -- in exchange for your $40 plus shipping!)

So, what shall we be? As far as couples costumes go, most put the guy in a pretty uncomfortable situation: Tights for his Superman or Batman to her Supergirl or Cat Woman; that God-awful shorts outfit for his Raggedy Andy to her Raggedy Ann; or hot and sweaty for his Cowardly Lion, Tin Man, or straw-filled Scarecrow to her Dorothy.

Some of the options we're considering are:

Gynecologist and patient, his comfy scrubs and my easy access hospital gown?

Football player and cheerleader, which needs nothing more than things we already own.

Magician and a bunny ... a sexy bunny, of course. As long as he doesn't make me disappear. :)

Hugh Hefner and one of THOSE bunnies! Always a good time here.

Two cops ... an excuse to frisk our friends all night long. ;)

Cop and prisoner - could go either way ... depends on who wants to be on top?

St. Pauli Girl and Captain Morgan! I just think that one sounds like fun.

Thoughts? Maybe I'll make that a poll in a couple days ... when everyone's done talking about shaved cocks. Tell me: What are YOU going to be this Halloween?

Fondly yours,

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Sexy Link: Pet peeves about guys?

More "news" from LOL

Women's pet peeves about their guy

"He throws his clothes next to the laundry basket. This is one of the most annoying things that he does. After 11 years, you would think he would finally see where the laundry basket is, but no. I've even tried moving the laundry basket to where the clothes land, but he still misses the basket. At this point, I think he might be doing it on purpose."
--Linda St.Cyr, Blakeslee, Pennsylvania

Commentary: Jack so does NOT do this. As a matter of fact, he probably is more irritated with me because I throw mine on the bathroom floor and sometimes forget about them.

"My significant other has ADHD-TV, and he doesn't deny it. He can't watch television without changing the channel at every commercial. When he switches back, it is usually well into the program again. I don't think he has ever watched an entire show. Too bad I can't find a 12-step program for people with ADHD-TV and their significant others. I end up retreating to the bedroom where I can watch my TV in peace."
-- Kimberly Ray, Valparaiso, Indiana
Commentary: Not a problem. Within minutes of turning on the television, Jack is usually asleep, and, honestly, it doesn't bother me a bit. If he's not asleep, then he finds something he wants to watch, and the channel stays right where it is.

"My husband sometimes wakes me up earlier than I want to be awake, and does so by yelling, 'Babe, get up!' I get up startled and grumpy, and pretty much vow to make him pay. I then act ugly and obnoxious for an hour or so, until he does something sweet to make up (like take me to Starbucks), promising to never wake me up that way again. Until the next time."
-- Tricia Goss, Fort Worth, Texas
Commentary: I'll admit that Jack often wakes me prior to my beauty sleep being complete. However, in his favor, it's usually for sex, and, if I awaken for the treat, he'll let me go back to sleep again afterward.

After reading every single pet peeve in the article, I can honestly say that Jack doesn't do any of them! He, however, will probably pick up on one or two and say that I do them. Good thing he doesn't blog ... LOL!

Fondly yours,

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sexy Link: Tom is a friend of yours?

I'm a news and information junkie. I can't help it. If I'm on once a day, I'm there 10 times day. I just want to make sure that I know if something big happens. And while I'm there, I read up on some pretty stupid shit. I've always said that I'm the one to have on your team if the local bar suddenly breaks out into trivia-for-drinks mode.

This is an excerpt from's Health section:

( -- AWOL tampons, gas, losing your breakfast on the doc? To prove that you are so not alone when it comes to mortifying health mishaps, Health readers shared some of their stories with us. And our own medical editor, Roshini Rajapaksa, MD, weighs in on when you really do need to talk to your doctor about an embarrassing episode or symptom.

[cut to the chase through all the boring stuff.]

R-rated undies

My husband and I were celebrating our five-year anniversary the same day I had to go to the doctor for a general checkup. Since I was going immediately to our date after my appointment, I dressed accordingly, meaning sexy dress and even-sexier panties.

I didn't realize that the doctor was going to do a full-body mole check and ask me to strip down to my bra and underwear (with a robe), and I immediately regretted wearing the G-string I had personalized to say "Happy anniversary, Tom. Your present is underneath."

I hoped the doctor wouldn't see it, but halfway through the screening, he said, "I take it Tom is a friend of yours?" I wanted to die. --Jocelyn, Boston, Massachusetts

I don't know about you, but my mom only told me what to wear in case of an accident. She never mentioned full-body mole checks.

Fondly yours,

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sexy Advice: Guys, please take note

So, I'm browsing around the blogs that I read fairly regularly (well, okay, when I find the time), and pause here at SeXXXcapades' Fan of the Month entry. I'm thinking this is a pretty cool idea and wish I'd have thought of it. ;)

I scroll down to see their Fan of the Month photos (we all want to see the pretty pictures, right?). Ashlee Adams, Mina Stefan, and Ms. Mandy May are all looking good and the Panty Inspector has possibilities. Then I see Wicked Richard and Doughboy, and, while their cocks are nice enough, I think to myself, "If I had a bush like that, no man (or woman!) I know would get anywhere near my pussy!" Prior to meeting Jack, I had a tiny little strip of hair remaining, but that's long gone knowing that he prefers me Brazilian. And I have no complaints - he likes to lick it clean, so clean shaven it is for me!

As I pause on these photos, I am, again, thankful, that Jack's cock is so fabulous! Not only is his cock a perfect fit for all of the orifices I have to offer, but he keeps Monster's surrounding areas neatly trimmed.  Guys, please take note, if your lady friend is constantly stopping to pick a hair from her teeth or won't venture to those balls that are just craving her attention, then maybe a little trimming is what your amazing manly member requires.

I don't say this to be mean, and my apologies to Wicked Richard and Doughboy that I made examples of you both, but someone has got to speak up for all of us who truly enjoy sucking a nice bulging cock. We flossed before we found ourselves face down in your crotch and the introduction of your tiny little hairs between our teeth is not the pleasure we seek.

So, please, take the same advice that you've given us ladies over the years: If you want my tongue to venture into your promised land, a little bushwhacking is due.

Fondly yours,

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