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Friday, October 23, 2009

Sexy Advice: Ladies, it's your turn

We asked the guys and the majority said they were neatly trimmed in their nether regions. Two of you -- Hubman and BDnied -- even shared photos of your fab friends. Again, we thank the gentlemen for sharing.

Now we figure that turnabout is fair play. If we're not looking for a mouthful of pubes when we want to get our suck on, do you think our gentlemen friends are? For that matter and for the bi ladies out there, do you think our lady friends are?

Admit it, ladies, isn't that just the best treat: To find yourself face first in a nicely trimmed package? The only thing equal is finding myself face first between a lovely lady's legs. But, of course, if I can have both, then how delightful! ;)

I once read an article in a magazine - probably Cosmo or the like - about men's sex confessions. One guy said that he had met a hot chick in a bar or party and, when they hit it off (and got a little tipsy, I'm sure), he took her home expecting an amazing sexual encounter. As she was undressing, he could see hairs poking out of her panties that looked like "little spiders sticking out everywhere" (his words, not mine). When she took those panties off, and his worst fear was confirmed, he promptly closed his eyes and pretended that he had passed out.

So, if you go through any trouble at all - and we certainly hope you do - to make it fresh and tasty with hopes of your partner(s) diving deep in Muffville, then we do suggest that you trim the weeds. At a minimum, you should be shaved to a tiny strip and nothing more. The best, based on our experiences in the lifestyle, is complete shaved. I know most guys will agree on this point. However, if you find yourself to be bi-curious or all out bi (as am I), then I'm here to tell you that your female partners prefer it shaved too.

Having problems with that razor and the little stubble left behind? Don't run away - we have some suggestions for you:

The Dove Option: Think about it - do your pits ever have stubble?

  • Use a brand new disposable razor
  • Gentle soap is fine, but shaving cream is okay too (be careful to not let it into your sensitive spots!)
  • Shave very carefully, including those hard to reach places
  • Squat while shaving and make sure you get the areas below your pussy, including your anus and crack
  • Pat dry and run a gentle deodorant, like Dove, over the areas that tend to get bumps (shouldn't have to do the butt and crack)
  • Air dry before adding that sweet thong (cotton is best) or go without (you'll stay fresher letting her breath)
It's Electric Option: His face doesn't have stubble, why should my pussy?
  • Use the squat method noted above to get the bottom of things, but leave everything else alone
  • Use his pre-shave over the area to be shaved (again, be careful around the crevices and don't get it on the area you shaved with a razor)
  • Let it sit a minute (shouldn't take too long)
  • Use his electric razor to carefully shave the remaining areas
  • Use his after-shave, we like Nivea, over the shaved area
  • Air dry before adding that sweet thong (cotton is best) or go without (you'll stay fresher letting her breath)
Finally, if you still aren't feeling like the shave is close enough, I have this magic tool that I use after either of the options above:

I bought mine a couple of years ago, and it pretty much travels with me, especially if I think there's a lifestyle adventure on our agenda! It's not for use alone, or so the instructions say. Rather, it's a stubble remover. So if you find that you shave yourself raw trying to get the last of the stubble, just shave - shave well, but don't overdo it - and then use this little guy afterward. Note: I use aftershave, again, after using the personal shaver, aka "Pussy Shaver."

Finally, make sure you rub your own hand over everything to make sure you're smooth as silk. You just might find more than hands venturing more often.

Fondly yours,

P.S. Do take a moment, ladies, to answer our new poll question!

P.S.S. The Disclaimer: Stray Together isn't going to accept any responsibility for what you do to your puss. I can't speak for your girlfriend or its sensitivity - try any of the methods mentioned here at your own risk. :)


Sexy at Forty said...

Dove for private areas? Don't it sting?

Stray Together said...

Not for me or any of the ladies that I know who use it. Be careful, of course, but, honestly, if it doesn't hurt your armpits, which are pretty sensitive themselves, it probably won't hurt the girlfriend.


bdenied said...

good ole fashioned Johnsons and johnsons babby oil will do wonders to keep razor bumps and burn to a bare minimum

Stray Together said...

I agree that J&J does a decent job. My issue with it is that it leaves a residue that I'd rather not take along on play dates. :) Certainly, one should give it a shot and see for themselves.


Alisha and Brett said...

We use Magic Cream, no razor burn no bumps no burn... Hairless is the way to go! :o)

Stray Together said...

Never heard of Magic Cream - where do you buy it?


Inferno said...

I use BikiniZone anti-bumps shave gel. I have super sensitive skin and it took me a while to find something I liked.