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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Real Life Sex Story: On the rocks!

We only had a short time to enjoy the sights of Bermuda and decided that the best way to get in as much of this beautiful island as possible was to rent a moped. Honestly, I was scared. I hate two-wheeled vehicles, including bicycles (childhood trauma). Add that to this thing about driving on the “wrong” side of road (I know, it’s all in one’s perspective), and I was close to terrified. Jack, however, was quite excited, and I didn’t want to dampen the spirit of the day, so I went along for the ride, so to speak.

It was a clear day, our smiles were bright, and we just went with it. I honestly couldn’t have told you how far we had gone when Jack decided to turn off the beaten path and into the parking lot of some place as yet unknown. The very first thing that struck me was chickens. Yes, I said chickens. There were wild chickens running about. I immediately grabbed my camera and started clicking … just because.

After getting over the mild shock of being surrounded by begging chickens, we walked a short distance down a path, and the sight was as spectacular as the chickens were strange to us! There were huge rocks obviously worn by years of exposure to the sea and the sea itself, in beautiful shades of blues and greens, that seemed to go on forever. And not a soul anywhere. It was our own private little haven, and the first thing I thought of was SEX! On the rocks! I didn’t say anything to Jack right away. After all, I didn’t want to be arrested for indecent exposure in a foreign country. Just a second after I had these thoughts, I heard from Jack: “Where’s the camera? Take your top off ...” As I did, the tingling began ...

In spite of the solitude, I was still nervous about being completely nude out here, so I did take my top off, but only my top, as Jack happily clicked away. And the more he clicked, the more my nerves diminished. I dropped the towel and wandered around our private little cove in just my swimsuit bottoms. A little further down, toward the water, we discovered that the real secret to this spot were the alcoves within the rocks where, literally, we would be completely hidden from any passersby – whether by foot, air, or surf. I got bold and dropped my bottoms. Jack continued to shoot and, in between shots, I asked to look at the shots to confirm that he was capturing only my most flattering poses (you know how us women are about photos …), and at one point, with the camera in my hands, I told Jack to drop his drawers because turn-about was fair play (really, I just wanted in his pants). We laughed as we passed the camera back and forth, both trying to act casual and equally nervous about getting busted!

I threw a towel down on a flat spot on the rocks and Jack climbed above me. He directed, and I followed [mostly] … put your right leg upon the ledge [why my right leg?] … cover your face with your left arm [does it have to be my left arm?] … touch your pussy with your other hand [that’s not comfortable with my right leg up] … okay, use your left hand [I’m right handed] … and on we went to the tune of probably fifty or so photos and a handful of wetness.

Jack mentioned that it looked like there was a little storm brewing and that it seemed to be coming our way. We thought about packing up and heading out, but he could tell that I was reluctant to get dressed. He was surprised, as it’s usually he who takes the position that naked is better – and he said, “Sex? Here? Seriously?” and the grin I returned was all the response he needed. He surveyed our surroundings (he is, when all is said and done, a cautious man), we stashed the camera equipment to protect it from the rain, and then he promptly suggested a spot among the alcoves.

I climbed up, set a towel down, and sat on the rock, completely naked and taking in the sun. He wasn’t far behind … he positioned himself so that he and his eager cock faced me. He reached down and felt how wet I was at the idea of making love to him right here. As he inserted his finger in my moist pussy, I took his already hard cock in my mouth and hand and began to suck and lick enthusiastically, looking up into his eyes periodically. I love to suck his cock and see the pleasure in his eyes while I’m doing it! In spite of my nerves, the excitement of the experience meant that it wasn’t going to take long for me to cum, and I recall thinking that I was being awfully loud for our location – yes, I’m a moaner; sometimes a screamer. He somehow managed to play with my clit while simultaneously finger fucking me with just one hand, and in just moments, I released his cock from my mouth and groaned loudly in pleasure, the speed of which surprised Jack.

Whenever the chance arises, I’m the first to stick my ass in the air and take him doggie – he knows this, and we both laugh when I’m able to jump into position faster than he can pin me down in some other way. Hard rocks in my back were last on my list of things to experience today, so I jumped up quicker than he could say, “Nice O,” and stuck my ass and sopping pussy up high to greet his manhood, figuring my knees would sooner recover. He slammed into me, almost knocking me off balance and off my rock; this basically being an ‘instant message’ telling me to hold on tight, because he was in the mood to fuck! The angle – my legs spread just enough and the height of this particular rock exact -- was perfect to feel the full weight of his balls on my clit each time he slammed into me. Post climax, this sent shivers through me, and my moans reverberated loud and proud through those rocks and, I’m sure, around the corner into the island.

The harder he slammed, the louder I got, and the more I held onto that damned rock! Jack was a thrusting madman today, and I was loving every second of it! And as I was, he slowed down, obviously wanting to make this last … but as wet as I was, he rubbed against me just the right way, and that, too, sent me into ecstasy. Just then, I flashed back to a night at our favorite club … in a back room with a mirrored wall … one of the sweetest pussies I’ve ever tasted in my face … his cock in her mouth … her moans coming back to me … then back to this moment, as I felt Jack’s final surge and one last slam as he came, also moaning loudly in pleasure.

Some take their Sex On The Beach. I’ll take mine On The Rocks, thank you very much.

Fondly yours,