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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sexy Thank Yous: Seven new adds!

Much appreciate these new followers with blogs of their own: Prosvich (blogs here and here), Sclavul Femeilor (blog here), SC24Fun (blog here and cool designs here), Jay and Mel (blog here), and OOOs4All (blog here).

And these followers without blogs associated with their profiles: JimBob and 22SSWW.

We're thankful for your support and look forward to sharing our adventures with you!

Fondly yours,


oooos4all said...

Thanks for the mention. I do have a blog. It is just a personal journal where I write a little B.S., an escape.
We like so many in the lifestyle play soft and are on permanent safari hunting the illusive unicorn.
We are all over with the same name.

Stray Together said...

I'm so sorry! Not sure how I missed it ... editing the entry to include a link. :)


Jay&Mel said...

Hi Jill, thanks so much for the mention of our bog. You have a great one here!

Jay & Slut Mel

Stray Together said...

My pleasure.