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Friday, October 16, 2009

Sexy Poll Results: Trimmed or not so much?

Well, it looks like we're not going to change the world here - LOL - but I guess one penis is better than none!

In a previous post, which you can view here, we pondered guys shaving the goodies ... or not. At the end of two weeks, the poll results for Trimmed or not so much? are:

  • Definitely. And she sucks more!
  • 83 percent (15 votes)
  • Nope. She can suck it like it is!
  • 11 percent (2 votes)
  • Considering it after reading your entry.
  • 1 percent (1 vote)

To the 15 of you already shaved and reaping the benefits, hurray! We bet your cocks are looking mighty fine and strutting their stuff in all that new action. (Feel free to send pictures!) To that one lonely vote wishing for a little more action for the family jewels, we say, "Go for it!" You don't know until you try. To the two votes for "She can suck it like it is," boooo! May your precious scrotum remain ... lonely in all of its hairiness.

Fondly yours,

Update: We encouraged you to send pictures, and Hubman has done exactly that. You can see his fine friend here. And you can read his blog here. Note: The entry containing his photo is after this one ... somehow, that just seemed right to me.


Hubman said...

As one of the 15 men who voted in favor of shaving, and since you asked, I feel obliged to send evidence. Check your e-mail...

Stray Together said...

Oh, Hubman, what a nice cock you have there! Thank you for sharing. :)


Sex It Up said...

You have a link to our Zazzle store on your site. (Thank you.) Wanted to let you know that we have our own web site now.

Stray Together said...

Thanks for letting me know. Links are updated! Cool stuff you have there, by the way. :)


bdenied said...

yep Im glad I voted for shaved too and Ill just have to send you a photo of my buddy, but I gotta say, he wont compare to that friend of hubmans.....perhaps that's why he is hubman and Im the cuckold husband...LOL

RiceBear said...

Hey I am new to blogspot so I missed the poll but I do shave, did it once as an inside joke between me and my partner but we both liked it better so I kept doing it ever since.