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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sexy Thank Yous: Appreciating mention, follows

We're feeling so popular! Okay, so 19 followers may not seem like much to many out there, but I know there are more secret follows and some that read us with following, so we're excited!

Frustrated Wife, Friends, and Missy - thank you for the follows! And a special "thank you" to Danny Blaq for the mention. If you're Twittering, please follow Danny. He's not just another porn star, he's really a nice guy. =)

Fondly yours,

P.S. We know you're looking for our Monday night madness post and are trying to find time to get it written and posted, as well as a review of this nifty toy ... we also have an orgasmic drive down I-95 to tell you about! Please stay tuned. ;)


Rev. J. said...

No problem. Glad to be one of your followers. :-)

Anonymous said...

I love following you guys here and on Twitter. Keep going.

Stray Together said...

Is this the same RevJArthur?? Which second follow is you?

Thank you, Ron - we appreciate the feedback. Trying to keep it interesting!


Sexy at Forty said...

I will have to open a Twitter account! I do have "good gurl" one but can't give that one out! lol...

Congrats on your followers!! Yeay!

Stray Together said...

I have a good-girl account, biz account, Stray Together, and I manage Jack's good-boy account! The only thing I refuse to do is manage his bad-boy account - that's for him to flirt with me, and I'm not going to self-satisfy in that way! LOL

I like my Stray Together account most b/c it's anonymous - I can't be whomever I choose at any given moment and no one knows it's me. ;)