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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sexy Poll Results: What about piercings?

I gather you folks don't like polls so much ... or maybe I need to make them more interesting. I must say this much: I ask questions to which I truly would like to know the answers, so, whether it results in a blog entry or not, please participate!

So, what about piercings? A whopping 4 of you answered the question, and the responses were split evenly between "Certainly not - leave the body alone!" and "A few 'normal' piercings are okay." Not a one of you selected "Any where, any time."

I happen to prefer "normal" piercings. My partner has none, though a little diamond stud earring could be appreciated. I have a few ear piercings, as well as belly button and tongue rings -- nothing too obnoxious.

For your browsing pleasure, here are a few interesting piercings:

Credit, left: LoveLifeLikeYourself blog.  What the hell?  I don't think I'm up for one of these.  Be honest - if you don't have your own nipples pierces, how long did you have to look at it before you figured out what body part it was??  (Took me a few minutes!)

Credit, right: KyleBerg29 blog. Never. Simply never would I do this.  This is awful to even look at it, and I can't for the life of me even think of a single reason that someone would do this to themselves.

Credit, left:  How the hell does one use that thing??  LOL  Does it have to be unlaced or is it like crotchless panties, and there's a secret opening?  I wonder if it helps keep everything from sagging as one ages?  Hhhhmmm.
Credit, right: The Fallen Angel's Shop. Considered fairly "normal," but not for me.  One assumes that the lips would feel mighty nice on a cock. Any thoughts?
Credit, left: Wikipedia. Personally, I think this would feel really good from the fem standpoint, but I don't know any guys that would be willing!  Whenever the topic of cock piercings comes up in conversation, not one single male jumps up and screams, "OMG! I want someone to stick a 10-gauge needle in my dick!"  Just saying.

Credit, right: The Ouch. 'Nough said.

If you're interested in seeing more, do a simple image search for "piercings" in your favorite search engine.

Fondly yours,


kyleberg29 said...

This is kyleberg29, from the article, Thanks for the mentioning me. I do want to say however, I have several piercings myself. My tongue, my septum, snakebites, my nipple, and I did have my penis pierced but that got taken out. It did not feel good for the girl I am with so there was no reason for it. I also have my ears gauged and am in the process of stretching them bigger.
Most piercings to me and people like me are pretty normal, there are a few that are more extreme but they are all cool. All piercings at one time or another were considered extreme but as a certain one becomes more popular and mainstream it will lose its originality for the people who first got it back when it was considered "extreme".

Stray Together said...

My pleasure, Kyleberg. I always credit anyone I mention and attempt to notify the owner of any content to which I link.

I appreciate your taking the time to visit and share your thoughts.

Your comments remind me that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As it happens one of my offspring has piercings (and tats) that I don't personally find attractive, but it doesn't change our relationship a bit. =)

Although your comment doesn't sound as if you took offense, in the event that my comments did offend you, please accept my sincere apology. I was only expressing my opinion, as most of us bloggers do from time to time.


kyleberg29 said...

No offense taken. If I were to get offended by every person who doesn't like piercings I wouldn't have very much time for anything else.

Stray Together said...

LOL - No doubt! It's much the same in the same in the swinging community. If I got upset each time someone spoke against my sexual preferences, I'd have no time to blog! :)


kyleberg29 said...

Haha, yeah people spend too much time worrying about others life they let theirs pass them right by. People need to lighten up and enjoy themselves.