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Monday, June 29, 2009

Real Life Sex Story: The shower scene and more

Following the hot time described in the previous blog entry here, the clock read 4:31 a.m. and, despite that we had been up all night, what I really felt I needed was a steamy shower -- quick, to be sure, but steamy just the same. After making the announcement that that was exactly where I was headed, I had a taker: Jack would be joining me. I then heard another: Lady Friend would be joining us. And a final: The Mr. would be joining us, as well.

I turned the water on warmer than most people like it, but figured it was my idea, so I got to choose. :) Jack was first to join me, and we shared a wet hug, sloppy kisses, soapy fun, and a few laughs. Knowing the circumstances of just a short bit earlier, I was amazed that his cock began to harden again. Lady Friend and the Mr. joined us at the same time and, truthfully, the shower wasn’t large enough for the four of us! So, our naked bodies had no choice but to rub against each other as we maneuvered soap and suds to all the right places – our own and each other’s. Breasts, cocks, asses, and other less interesting parts were all rubbed by one another in turn until it seemed all nipples were erect and cocks were at the ready once again.

It was tempting, but that hard-on went unused. Frankly, once I felt fresh, I knew I was ready for slumber in Jack’s strong arms.

My slumber, however, was short lived. At 8:10 a.m. Jack’s prodded me with his Monster. He didn’t want this one to go to waste – and neither did I! In spite of the fact that I’m the anti-morning person of century, there’s a unique feeling when Jack’s hard cock enters me with no preparation, fanfare, or foreplay first thing in the morning. That first thrust literally sends chills through me, and I don’t even notice that it’s morning anymore. Our stirring awoke Lady Friend and the Mr., and they had the same idea.

Lady Friend and I were on top of our respective guys, and I was riding Jack nice and slowly. Truthfully, however, while my mind knew that we had company, my emotions took over and it was as if Jack and I were in a room by ourselves. I held his gaze as I played with my breasts, mostly my nipples, and alternated between caressing my own torso and his. He took hold of my hips and ensured that his morning cock was thrusting inside of me as far as was humanly possible, then we slowed down for a few strokes, and I leaned in and started sucking one nipple while playing with the other. This sent him to new heights and he grabbed my hips again and the deeper penetration was once again sending chills through me. In all honesty, Jack isn’t typically fast to orgasm, but it seems the sights and circumstances – considerably different than our typical morning, with Lady Friend and the Mr. banging away next to us -- brought forth his cum more quickly than normal.

I put my head on his chest, closed my eyes, and we fell into a peaceful sleep once again.

Fondly yours,


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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sexy Thank Yous: David Cooper

Thanking David Cooper, who's blog is here.

Not sure how you came across Stray Together, but thanks for the follow!

Fondly yours,


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Friday, June 26, 2009

Sexy Thank Yous: We appreciate the follow!

Detrange, who's blog can be found here, Florida Tall Man, Get8More, Dharma 88, and Ron, who's blog is here. It makes me wet knowing you're reading our stories, so Jack certainly appreciates the follows! LOL

I know for certain I've got some of you on Twitter, as well, but not sure if I have all. If you're following me there, also, and I haven't picked up on it, please send me a DM, and I'll be sure to reciprocate.

Fondly yours,

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Real Life Sex Story: Friday night adventures

Jack and I were separated for a few days prior to this adventure, so it was at the airport that we reunited around 9 p.m. Friday. First item: Pussy check! I had shaved in a hurry and did a touch up as we drove. (I have this nifty little pussy shaver you must try – it's compact and shaves super close. Click here to see it.) and wanted to make sure everything was in smooth order. After passing inspection, we headed to dinner to meet up with Lady Friend and the Mr. Nothing too exciting happened at dinner, but there was one item of note: While the Mr. was away from Lady Friend, some random guy tried to pick her up at the bar! It was actually pretty funny to us, but the guy was embarrassed when he realized that she was with her husband. I, on the other hand, had to agree with The Stranger: She was hot enough to be hit on. :)

Around 12:30 a.m. we headed back to the room the four of us would share that evening. As I had spent some time traveling, I wanted to freshen up and headed for the shower while everyone else started with drinks and chatted. I soon emerged, wearing just my pareo (something like this one), and feeling much relaxed. Conversation had turned to what Lady Friend was wearing Saturday night to the club, and she pulled out a bag of dresses! Showing us each one, the guys suggested that I try one in particular on. Since everyone had pretty much seen me naked before, I didn't see any point to leaving the room, and stripped right there to try it. Everyone loved it. Lady Friend tried on the three others, and we all sort of voted on the one we liked best. I guess this was to be our ice breaker for the evening!

Lady Friend had mentioned that she had had a really long, stressful week, and I thought to do something about that. My hope was that Lady Friend would lie back let the rest of us take her to someplace she hadn't previously been. We had Lady Friend lie on the loveseat, Jack took a spot to her right, the Mr. to her left, and I got the premium spot between her legs! We began gently caressing her from head to toe, running our fingers all over her body – up and down her arms and legs, over her tummy, through her hair, and just teasing but not touching her lady parts. All the while, it seemed that she just wouldn't relax and make this about her. She continued to kiss the Mr. and, at one point, grab Jack's cock and begin to suck it. No doubt, these handsome guys were keeping her from relaxing, even though I know she was enjoying herself thoroughly.

In an attempt to get the focus back on her, I began kissing her inner thighs and licking my way toward the promised land, ever so slowly. It seemed to take forever, but at last I had made it. With a gentle moan, she let us know that her focus had shifted. Jack and the Mr. were licking her nipples, which, from my perspective, were very reactive to each stroke of their tongues. It seemed that she was finally de-stressing, but it may have been a bit too much, as she was actually sliding off the loveseat! We decided to retreat to the bedroom.

On the way, Jack found the camera, and starting clicking away. I love having my picture taken when I'm naked, so this increased my arousal. I know I didn't have that much rum that night, but I can't for the life of me tell you how I ended up with Lady Friend's pussy in my face again (lucky me!). I was on my knees with my ass in the air, when I felt Jack come up behind me and start playing. He began licking my pussy and finger fucking me, while I continued to lick Lady Friend's sweet juices. He was really very gentle at first, and his licks sent shivers down my spine. It became hard to focus on the pussy in front of me. His licks became more fervent as he must have felt my excitement grow. My legs were quivering. I tried to focus on Lady Friend, but it was a no go. He fucked me harder with his fingers and the sucking and licking escalated yet again. He just put one finger just inside my asshole and added the slightest bit of pressure – the combination of these sensations sent me through the roof. He must have known he had me, because he wrapped his free arm around my legs as though to keep me from moving away – he had me right where he wanted me. In a sudden burst of ecstasy, I had to pull away from Lady Friend, and screamed, moaned, and groaned so loudly that there's no doubt the neighbors and then some heard. At the same time, I thrust my pussy into Jack's face as though to take in everything he had – I did NOT want him to stop! It was one of the most intense orgasms I've ever had, and I wanted it to last forever.

Under many circumstances, I would have rolled over and collapsed, if only for a few minutes, to catch my breath. But tonight, I wanted to do what I could to ensure that everyone enjoyed the same amazing orgasm that I just had, and I turned to Lady Friend's pussy again. I licked and finger fucked her, and, when I pulled my fingers out, I took my hand to Jack's mouth so that he could taste her sweetness. As I did this, he brought his cock to my mouth – something he knew that I'd be looking forward to – and I sucked, alternating between gently and more aggressively. Lady Friend asked, so politely, if she could help. Assuming she meant with Jack's beautiful cock, I made room for her, and we shared in pleasuring him. His moans increased with two tongues and four hands grazing his balls and long hard shaft. I'm not sure how long this went on (probably not long enough for Jack!), but I wanted to fuck him in a bad way. I guess asking politely was our theme for the night, because I asked him if I could, and he, of course, said yes.

Now, we're not exactly talking bunk beds here, but believe me when I say that space was limited. Jack mounted me in typical missionary style and when I raised my legs to throw over his shoulders, my feet touched the barrier above us. Some would say this was a disadvantage, but it definitely was not. This offered more leverage and stability and made Jack's fucking of me that much better and harder! This position offered incredible penetration. My attention was certainly on my man and our interlude, but there were others in the room and I glanced over at some point to Lady Friend and the Mr., who were also fucking. Lady Friend leaned over to me and attempted to suck my nipples. Jack and I were, however, moving at a pace that didn't really lend itself to third-party interaction. Sweat was pouring off of him as he fucked me; that in and of itself made me hotter. I played with Jack's nipples, sucking them when I could, knowing this would send him over the ledge, and while I was enjoying the fucking I was getting too much to want it to end, I knew that I also wanted Jack to experience the intensity of orgasm that I just had a short bit ago. With one hand of nails scratching down his back, the other hand playing with one nipple, and – the over-the-edge tool – my teeth scraping his other nipple, I felt Jack's cock surge right before he moaned loudly and from deep inside. He too was spent, and I knew that we were both going to sleep well.

While this entry will end here, know that the night did not! Part 2 of this night, our Saturday night, and then a little write up of some hot Monday night action are on their way. Stay tuned.

Fondly yours,

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sexy Information: #goodpussy is the top Trending Topic!

At, on the right-hand side of your standard screen under the search box, there is a list of "Trending Topics." This equates to "top ten list" of current Tweets, in real time, of what Tweeps are most talking about.

As of 12:49 a.m. EDT, #goodpussy is the number one Trending Topic! How cool is that?

Let's see if we can keep it up there all day. In your Twitter account, update your status with whatever you want to say and make sure you include #goodpussy in your Tweet.

Fondly yours,

P.S. I went back to check Twitter while this was still up on my screen, and #gooddick made it's way to Trending Topics as well! LMAO

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Sexy Thank Yous: We're building a following!

Thanking Robin for the follow.

Robin's blog is here. Love the F/F entries!

Fondly yours,


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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sexy Information: Twittering, Tweets, and having Twex!

More about Twittering, for those who want to fully participate on Twitter. :)

I'm actually very new to it myself, but Google is my friend, and I've done some research. So here's what I've learned, the shortest versions I can muster, paraphrasing multiple sources.

Twitter is a micro-blogging web site, which means that your "blog entries" are limited in size. In the Twitterverse (Twitter Universive), your blog entries are meant to be compact snippets into your life, obviously very different from a traditional blog. These blog entries, where you answer the question, "What are you doing?" are called Tweets and are limited to 140 characters.

Why 140? Because most of the major cell phone companies limit out-of-network text messages to 160 characters (if you go over 160, your carrier will likely send the message in two parts). In their infinite wisdom, the founders figured that a message of 140 characters added to the average user name (less than 20 characters recommended; the shorter the better) would equal 160 or less and therefore benefit mobile users. Twitter was founded with the idea that it would be something Tweeple(Twitter People or subscribers) would use on the go, so this text messaging limit is important at the core.

I've found five basic formatting tools for messages:

  • no formatting at all is to just type something in the 140-character box, and press "enter" or click "update." This isn't directed to anyone; it just is.
  • @username is sort of like sending an instant message to "username," except that it's not at all private. You can use multiple @usernames in one post. (More on this below.)
  • dm username is more like sending a regular instant message to "username," and it's private. Personally, however, I'm not sure I'd trust the privacy any farther than I can throw it. I'm honestly not sure if you can direct message multiple people at once or not. Since I don't trust it as private, I haven't used it much. (More on this below, too.)
  • #subject (# is properly known as a "hashmark," and this syntax is referred as "hashtag" in the Twitterverse) tags your message to belong to a particular subject group. This is basically one step beyond just mentioning something in a post and more akin to what you do in your blog tags. It can be very useful. For instance, let's say that someone posted:

"We got a new swing set for the kids - that Jake and Amber are real swingers, it turns out!"


"Jake and Amber went to their first #swing club. Turns out, they're real #swingers!"

In the first example, the poster was in no way attempting to attach to the lifestyle, while in the second, a concerted effort is made to attach to it. So, when we use the search tool to search "swingers," the first post will show in our search results. If we search "#swingers," then we know the results are meant for those participating in the lifestyle.

  • RT @originalposter is like copying someone's instant message and broadcasting it again. RT is short for ReTweet and ReTweeting is the highest compliment you can give someone. It's like saying, "I value your message, and I want to tell more people what you said." You always give credit to the original poster of a ReTweet. Note: If you want someone in particular - other than the original poster - to see the ReTweet, you would have two @usernames in your posting:

RT @originalposter You've got to check out this amazing swingers club! @otherperson Hey - he likes our club!

There are no hard and fast rules, and you won't get banned if you don't follow that ReTweeting syntax, but the letters "RT" at the beginning of the post tells others at a glance that it's information someone thought was good enough to be passed on, so I've learned that it's a good habit to get into.

Here are some more examples using these tools:

Send a message to three people (remember, it's NOT private). All three examples do the same thing:

@user1 @user2 @user 3 Are you guys going to the Trapeze tonight? If yes, what time?


Hey @user1 @user2 @user3 Are you guys going to the Trapeze tonight? If yes, what time?


Hey, Are you guys going to the Trapeze tonight? If yes, what time? @user1 @user2 @user 3

Send a message to three people, using hashtags. All three examples do the same thing:

@user1 @user2 @user 3 Are you guys going to the #Trapeze tonight? If yes, what time? #swingers


Hey @user1 @user2 @user3 Are you guys going to the #Trapeze tonight? If yes, what time? #swingers


Hey, Are you guys going to the #Trapeze tonight? If yes, what time? @user1 @user2 @user3 #swingers

You could also just send a general post, with no hashtags and not directed to anyone at all:

Hey, who's going to the Trapeze tonight? What time?

But with hashtags, it's more likely to be found by your intended audience:

Hey, who's going to the #Trapeze tonight? What time? #swingers

Regarding security on the direct messages, maybe it's just me, but Twitter is just too simple for me to believe there's any real security going on there. (I could be wrong!) But, for instance, let's say you post something (other than a direct message) and then click the trash can to delete it. Well, let me tell ya, it's still out there in the world. First, search engines pick up Twitter-ese all the time. You know that one-paragraph summary that appears in search results? Well, that summary is logged somewhere, and since a Tweet is only 140 characters, that whole Tweet equals the summary. Check out Tweleted for more on that topic. Second, Twitter's own help links to confirm that deleted Tweets still show up in search results. The easiest way for someone to find your deleted Tweets would be to search your screen name. Try it.

Also, there are several add-ins that Tweeple use without even thinking twice about security when installing them. Every one of those add-ins requires your password. 'Nough said.

So. There you have it. If you're looking to be found (and thus followed) by other swingers, start using #swingers. Based on the searches I've done, it seems that mostly spammers use #swinger, and #swingers is seriously underused. So let's own it, Tweeps!

Also kick-starting #tworgy (Twitter Orgy) and (or re-starting) #twex (Twitter Sex). It seems that sex, in general, is under commented on Twitter, so it's ours to own. Join in the fun, if you're so inclined.

And, by all means, if I’ve missed something vitally important, please add your two cents!

Fondly yours,


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Sexy Links: I'm so excited for the weekend!

And it's only Tuesday!! How am I going to survive the week?? It appears that self-satisfying is going to have to be on my agenda, as Jack and I are apart until Friday. :(

I need not be alone, however, as I do have my faithful readers, which excites me to no end. :D And I recently found out that Lady Friend and the Mr. are regulars here at That makes it even more fun to write.

Jack is making (or has already made) plans with them, so my mind is turning a million spins a minute thinking about the sexy fun we'll have. So, Lady Friend, I know you're checking in - welcome! Sexy at Forty posted this a link about something she'd like to experience, and I responded. I'd love to hear what you think about it! Click here to see the post.

Fondly yours,

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Sexy Links: Twitter anyone?

Any of our followers or readers on Twitter?

If you are, we'd love to follow. Please let us know your Twitter screen name by commenting here, so that we don't inadvertently pass you up.

We are "StrayTogether" on Twitter, as we are here. Link is here or there's one in the right column of our main blog page.

Looking forward to your tweets!

Fondly yours,

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Sexy Thank Yous: More thanks ...

Thanks to SeXXXcapades for the follow!

It appears that they're new to Blogspot but alreayd have some juicy content. Let's show them a warm, sexy welcome. =)

Fondly yours,

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sexy Thank Yous: Thanks so much!

We appreciate the follows from ...

... John Lewis, Relavent Married Guy, The Naughty Wife, Swingles Online, Lisa and Mike (do you have a blog or site?), and Sun-Kissed Sara (same question?)! I've reciprocated to those of you with links to your sites in your profiles.

And if you're reading our blog, please take a minute to view theirs, too. Click their names to open in a new window.

Fondly yours,


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Sexy Thank Yous: Thanks for the follow!

Thanks so much to The Oasis: Slut Next Door (I've reciprocated) and Latin Guy (do you have a blog?) for the follow! We'll be sure to keep it interesting for you. ;)

A very vanilla weekend, this one. We're missing some great club adventures, but, honestly, waiting causes the anticipation and excitement for the next encounter to grow!

And our next encounter is in sight - yay! Jack has made plans for us for Friday night. I honestly don't know what those plans are - LOL, I'm so trusting! - but I do know that it's with Lady Friend and her Mr., so it will be enjoyable, whatever we're doing. They are such the sweetest people, and we're so glad to have met them. Great friends in this lifestyle.

We're hosting again Saturday night, June 20, so that's a work night ... an awesome, fun work night, of course. And you never know what can happen when working is in such an amazing, sexually charged environment.

Until next time ...

Fondly yours (that's "fondly," not "fondling" LOL),


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Monday, June 1, 2009

Real Life Sex Story: Oh what a night!

It was a miracle, but we managed to arrive at our favorite club promptly at 7:45 p.m. for the evening’s hosting duties, as other couples were already arriving for the 8:00 p.m. open. (I’m sometimes amazed at what people will wear to a swing club, and not in a good way. Sloppy jeans and a T-shirt is NOT the way to get me into the bedroom.) We checked in with the front desk, got drinks at the bar and food from the buffet, and settled in, waiting for the first new members to show.

Typically, by luck of the draw, we’re paired with couples that are either new to the lifestyle, new to swing clubbing, or new to both. Because of this, our tours are usually pretty long, as we’re explaining not just the club rules, but making sure that new members are familiar with standard lifestyle expectations, and it lends itself to a lot of questions from our guests. This night would be completely different and a little disappointing in this regard. Not only was our first couple familiar with the lifestyle and clubbing environment, but one half worked at a club and was already familiar with our club. This was our shortest tour ever … until the one immediately following – they used to own a club! Soon it was 11 p.m. – the pseudo deadline for coming into the club on any night – and three couples that had signed up were no-shows, so we were cut loose.

We went upstairs to freshen our drinks and remembered how it’s a little difficult to walk into a room full of people that have been partying for three hours and get into the same groove. It happens a little faster for Jack than it does for me, so he was ready for the dance floor immediately. I, on the other hand, wanted to chat with friends and sip my drink for a few minutes. We found Lady Friend and the Mr. almost immediately, and it was obvious that they had their groove on. Jack and Lady Friend went out to the dance floor without me, and I hung back with the Mr. and other friends of ours.

Being that it was naughty school girl night, I was wearing a plaid skirt, knee high stockings, black patent fuck-me pumps, and a white button-down shirt opened to reveal a sexy black shelf bra beneath (like this one) that really didn’t cover much of anything. Lady Friend had changed from the vanilla outfit she had worn into the club (as many of the ladies do) and was wearing this sexy little number made of plaid and fishnet (Wayward Academy Schoolgirl) – sweet and sexy! Several of our friends – ladies and gents alike – nudged me to open my shirt more and gazed at, tickled, or kissed my nipples. This and seeing all of the sexy ladies dressed in similar attire helped me get my groove on!

At our last outing, Lady Friend was disappointed that the hot tub wasn’t open. Since it was tonight and they had been waiting – impatiently, LOL -- for us to be done with hosting duties, it wasn’t long before Jack let me know that everyone was eager to get to the back room for fun and nakedness in the hot tub.

I’ve found that undressing as a preamble to getting in the hot tub is never as ceremonious as it is when going into a private room (though often ceremony is thrown out in a back room as well, when all are eager to play). Such was the case tonight. Undress, clothes in a locker, and off we plunged.

My feet were a little sore, as happens sometimes from walking through the club numerous times in heels (this time new ones), and the Mr. graciously took to massaging one. Jack took the other, and it didn’t take long for me to feel like dancing again! We didn’t want Lady Friend left out, so the guys gave hers some attention, as well. While my entire body is sensitive and touch anywhere can spark a sexual encounter, it was really very sensuous, having this physical attention focused somewhere that didn’t automatically lead to sex.

We floated around in the water, chatted casually, touched lightly, and enjoyed our passing encounters with each other. Lady Friend’s and my nipples were sucked and licked by all in turn, with she and I thoroughly enjoying each other’s and remembering just how sexy we had previously found each other! I was feeling spoiled, again, when Jack gently teethed one nipple and Lady Friend sucked the other. As this went on, different gentlemen guests of the club came into the room, took seats, and watched the encounters. The guys visiting this night were all gentlemen and non-intrusive. (Single guys, take note: Your watching us, in and of itself, can be exciting for Jack and I. If it’s done casually and without intrusion, we’re happy to give you a show you’ll enjoy.)

However, Lady Friend wasn’t much into the audience and noted that it was okay only if she pretended they weren’t there. It’s most important to Jack and I that everyone be comfortable with any situation in which we all find ourselves. While we were fine with the visitors, we didn’t want Lady Friend to feel any discomfort. Also, as this was really just a short bit after we had left the floor from “working,” I found that our friends, and even Jack, were closer to play time mentally than I was. Jack took note of my hesitation (as everyone should, we have key phrases and body language signals and such to communicate anything going awry or a lack of comfort) and Lady Friend’s discomfort, and I believe it was he who suggested going to a back room for some much-needed privacy. Not wanting to find ourselves in the same situation as last time when we had to get dressed and part ways due to last call, the Mr. asked if we should get a room at the club or perhaps go back to the room we had previously arranged for an overnight stay, instead, as planned. I voted for our overnight room, where we knew there’d be neither last call nor an audience, and the others agreed.

If getting UNdressed at the hot tub is unceremonious, getting dressed is even less so. We simply put our clothes on and made our way back to the front of the club. The DJ had just started Mary J. Blige’s “Family Affair,” one of Jack’s favorite songs, and we headed to the dance floor instead of the door. We danced to one more song, and tried to pack up again, instead stopping to talk with friends and say goodnight to our bartenders and others. We finally headed out the door maybe 30 minutes later, but I wouldn’t say it was wasted time. Our extra time on the dance floor moved my mood a little closer to playing, as I love to watch Jack dance and tease him on the floor knowing that others are watching.

At last, we had arrived at our destination and the promised land! The Mr. poured drinks as the rest of us got settled.

As I indicated previously, Lady Friend was definitely grooving, and she wasted no time joining Jack and I on the loveseat. The Mr. turned down the lights, as his lovely wife indicated she preferred this, and it didn’t take long then for Lady Friend to shed her top. Again, I was reminded of how beautiful her breasts are. The areolas are lightly colored and the nipples are perfectly sized and shaped similar to a pencil eraser. (As I write this, I realize that, while our breasts are certainly different, I might use the same description of the areolas and nipples for mine – perhaps why I like hers so much?) The breast themselves are just enough to fill my hand while my tongue plays with her nipples; something I’ve found she enjoys very much, as do I.

My top ended up on the floor somehow, as well, and my bra closely followed. As I attempted to reposition, I noticed that the Mr., though obviously enjoying the view, was alone on the chair while we three were on the loveseat. I took it upon myself to stand Lady Friend up, rid her of her skirt, and sit her down on the Mr.’s lap. What a perfect view from here – she leaned back and into the Mr. and was elevated a bit more than had she been sitting on the chair, and, with both of their legs parted, I could sit on the floor in front of them. Lady Friend’s lady parts seemed eager to meet my mouth, but I wanted to take my time, as I had been looking forward to this. I moved to a kneeling position where I could kiss and lick her body and take in her scent. I couldn’t, however, resist for long, and soon found my tongue on her thigh, and she let out a small groan.

I kissed the area where her inner leg meets her body and licked gently. I spread her lips with one hand and let my warm breath escape onto her clit. This, too, was greeted with the sound of pleasure, and I could take it no more – I began licking her clit earnestly. Her groans grew in intensity. The Mr. was playing with her breasts. Jack watched for a few moments, knowing how much I was enjoying this, then took my skirt from me and positioned himself between my legs on the floor. As Jack licked me, I moaned, and each of my groans sent a new sensation through Lady Friend. As she began grinding her hips excitedly, I put the middle finger of my free hand inside of her and was greeted with more sounds of her pleasure. I began matching the rhythm of her rocking hips with my finger and continued licking and gently sucking her clit. She was very wet and tasted oh so sweet!

There is a distinct difference in having your pussy licked by a man versus a woman. Woman are softer and most tend to be gentler. I’m not saying that one is better than the other; I’m saying that they are different, and I find that both are equally pleasing in their own right. On this night, Lady Friend learned of the difference – I was the first female with whom she had ever played – and I was more than happy to be her “teacher.” Judging from her reaction, I believe that she was equally pleased to have me in this position, literally!

Mr. and Jack got up to remove their clothes, and Lady Friend and I found this to be the perfect opportunity to move to the bed. We made ourselves comfortable and didn’t wait for the guys. They would figure out where we were, and we knew they would follow. ;)

I chose this time to start from the top again, enjoying her breasts and kissing downward until I was at her sweet pussy. I was looking forward to providing pleasure from a different angle. I didn’t waste any time inserting my finger this time and began applying delicate pressure with my tongue to her clit. I licked around her clit and tasted the juices that were flowing freely now. I was thoroughly enjoying myself just as we were, when she – who had previously stated that she didn’t think she was ready to enjoy a woman in the same fashion that I knew I did – parted my legs and began licking me! Playing with her had already made me quite wet, but this sent a surge through me, because it was both unexpected and quite pleasurable. In spite of her having never done this before, she was quite versed in how to please a woman.

The guys joined us in short time and began to traverse our bodies with their hands and tongues. We were both groaning with pleasure, and Jack noted how awesome it was to hear our moans and watch us please each other.

Jack is not just a visual man, but also an auditory man when it comes to sexual encounters. His comment was my cue that the sights and sounds were making him hard. I reached toward him, in search of his cock, and he didn’t disappoint (he never does)! I continued to lick Lady Friend and started playing with Jack’s balls and cock. There was nowhere else on the planet that I’d have rather been at that moment: His incredible cock in my hand, her sweet pussy in my mouth, and her remarkable tongue on my pussy! Oh what a night this was turning into!

I wasn’t in a position to see what the Mr. was doing, but it sounded as though he were participating with Lady Friend, as well as enjoying the view. Whatever he was doing, it seemed to enhance Lady Friend’s enjoyment, and I was all for almost anything that would help me achieve just one goal: Get Lady Friend to orgasm. As my once free hand was now taking in my man’s cock, I guided one of his free hands to put a single finger in Lady Friend, which he did gladly. With him finger fucking her and my tongue and fingers playing with her clit in her own juices, her moans became louder and more prevalent. She squeezed her legs together, slightly at first and then with more pressure. It was with what seemed to be a final sound of pleasure and a satisfied smile that she pulled away and moved to greet her husband’s cock with fervor.

All the time I was playing, I was eager to wrap my lips around Jack’s cock, and so I did the same with my man. I was, for the nth time this evening, greeted with the moans of another’s pleasure. And, while I’m all for being the spoiled one and no one who’s been with me would doubt my love of having my own orgasm, there’s nothing I enjoy more than hear Jack cum … I sucked and licked and enjoyed his hard cock for the better part of half an hour or so and listened to Lady Friend and the Mr. take pleasure in each other. They had switched positions a few times and now she was riding him. It seemed as though they were in their own world, when her moans became louder, she threw her head back, the Mr. let out a groan of his own, and they slowed until they were resting.

Meanwhile, Jack was getting harder and closer to his own orgasm. Among other things, he loves it when I play with his nipples, so I obliged as best I could from my vantage point between his legs. I alternated between sucking the head, licking up and down the underside of the shaft, and taking his balls in my mouth and teasing them gently with my tongue. It wasn’t long before I felt the surge that would be his last of the evening and he began to verbalize his pleasure with deep groans and intense spasms as he came in my mouth, and I swallowed his salty fluid.

With all of their releases, I recognized that I was exhausted, inferring from the events of the evening that each had enjoyed our gathering. Having been a part of at least two of those orgasms, I felt satisfied, as well. With this last thought, I curled up in Jack’s arms, and we slept right where we were, with Lady friend and the Mr. next to us.

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