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Monday, June 29, 2009

Real Life Sex Story: The shower scene and more

Following the hot time described in the previous blog entry here, the clock read 4:31 a.m. and, despite that we had been up all night, what I really felt I needed was a steamy shower -- quick, to be sure, but steamy just the same. After making the announcement that that was exactly where I was headed, I had a taker: Jack would be joining me. I then heard another: Lady Friend would be joining us. And a final: The Mr. would be joining us, as well.

I turned the water on warmer than most people like it, but figured it was my idea, so I got to choose. :) Jack was first to join me, and we shared a wet hug, sloppy kisses, soapy fun, and a few laughs. Knowing the circumstances of just a short bit earlier, I was amazed that his cock began to harden again. Lady Friend and the Mr. joined us at the same time and, truthfully, the shower wasn’t large enough for the four of us! So, our naked bodies had no choice but to rub against each other as we maneuvered soap and suds to all the right places – our own and each other’s. Breasts, cocks, asses, and other less interesting parts were all rubbed by one another in turn until it seemed all nipples were erect and cocks were at the ready once again.

It was tempting, but that hard-on went unused. Frankly, once I felt fresh, I knew I was ready for slumber in Jack’s strong arms.

My slumber, however, was short lived. At 8:10 a.m. Jack’s prodded me with his Monster. He didn’t want this one to go to waste – and neither did I! In spite of the fact that I’m the anti-morning person of century, there’s a unique feeling when Jack’s hard cock enters me with no preparation, fanfare, or foreplay first thing in the morning. That first thrust literally sends chills through me, and I don’t even notice that it’s morning anymore. Our stirring awoke Lady Friend and the Mr., and they had the same idea.

Lady Friend and I were on top of our respective guys, and I was riding Jack nice and slowly. Truthfully, however, while my mind knew that we had company, my emotions took over and it was as if Jack and I were in a room by ourselves. I held his gaze as I played with my breasts, mostly my nipples, and alternated between caressing my own torso and his. He took hold of my hips and ensured that his morning cock was thrusting inside of me as far as was humanly possible, then we slowed down for a few strokes, and I leaned in and started sucking one nipple while playing with the other. This sent him to new heights and he grabbed my hips again and the deeper penetration was once again sending chills through me. In all honesty, Jack isn’t typically fast to orgasm, but it seems the sights and circumstances – considerably different than our typical morning, with Lady Friend and the Mr. banging away next to us -- brought forth his cum more quickly than normal.

I put my head on his chest, closed my eyes, and we fell into a peaceful sleep once again.

Fondly yours,