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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sexy Question: - any good?

Okay, for starters, I'm not much into camming, except perhaps with Jack when we're apart for some reason.

However, someone I know sent me a link to and recommended it. Has anyone tried it? Do you like it?

Speaking of camming in general, what are your thoughts?? Is this something you do? If you don't like or haven't used Fling, what site(s) do you recommend?

Fondly yours,



Sexy at Forty said...

Well, I myself am not interested in camming. I have talked with others in the past on IM with cam, (not sexually though) and I do not mind looking at others on cam, but I am just not into it I guess you could say.

Never heard of, so I honestly could not give an opinion..

Anonymous said...

I don't cam--need a little more privacy than that, but would be willing to watch others (I'm such the voyeur).

I've never used; However, I do have profiles on several other sites:

to name a few. I've had mixed results, but part of that may be because I won't post a pic.

Hope this helps.

Hubman said...

Veronica and I regularly webcam with other couples that we're looking to meet (pictures can lie or be old, hard to fake it on cam...), but we just use Yahoo Messenger, where we have a username that matches our swingers profile name.

Stray Together said...

Update: Jack and I have done a little camming, but to this point, only with each other. The cam is built into my laptop, so I can cam pretty much anywhere, anytime, excepting when the kids are around - LOL! Jack has a similar kid issue and no portability.

I think I'm not so comfortable with camming otherwise, at this point. It's interesting to see where others stand, though.

If anyone has any interesting camming stories to share, please - feel free!


Ole Kid in NC said...

Have cammed over the years. Mostly some are free and open cams for males, females, and couples.

Stray Together said...

Jack and I cammed the other night (with each other) ... it was awesome!!!!!