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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sexy Thank Yous: Thanks so much!

We appreciate the follows from ...

... John Lewis, Relavent Married Guy, The Naughty Wife, Swingles Online, Lisa and Mike (do you have a blog or site?), and Sun-Kissed Sara (same question?)! I've reciprocated to those of you with links to your sites in your profiles.

And if you're reading our blog, please take a minute to view theirs, too. Click their names to open in a new window.

Fondly yours,



relevent married guy said...

Wow....I have my own category label. I am not worthy. ;)

Love you guys!

Stray Together said...

Of course you do! If it pushes the search engines to *relevant* content, we're happy to oblige. :)


Fondly yours,