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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sexy Thank Yous: Thanks for the follow!

Thanks so much to The Oasis: Slut Next Door (I've reciprocated) and Latin Guy (do you have a blog?) for the follow! We'll be sure to keep it interesting for you. ;)

A very vanilla weekend, this one. We're missing some great club adventures, but, honestly, waiting causes the anticipation and excitement for the next encounter to grow!

And our next encounter is in sight - yay! Jack has made plans for us for Friday night. I honestly don't know what those plans are - LOL, I'm so trusting! - but I do know that it's with Lady Friend and her Mr., so it will be enjoyable, whatever we're doing. They are such the sweetest people, and we're so glad to have met them. Great friends in this lifestyle.

We're hosting again Saturday night, June 20, so that's a work night ... an awesome, fun work night, of course. And you never know what can happen when working is in such an amazing, sexually charged environment.

Until next time ...

Fondly yours (that's "fondly," not "fondling" LOL),



Oasis said...

You're welcome. We haven't been to a club in a while, so its nice to read the stories from people who go regularly ... almost feels like being there :)

Stray Together said...

Oh, so sad - Club's are such fun! No doubt you're making up for it in other ways. ;)

We like that we can have sexy fun, regardless of playtime, and watch others do the same. So many people, so much sexual energy. Yum!

Fondly yours,