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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sexy Information: #goodpussy is the top Trending Topic!

At, on the right-hand side of your standard screen under the search box, there is a list of "Trending Topics." This equates to "top ten list" of current Tweets, in real time, of what Tweeps are most talking about.

As of 12:49 a.m. EDT, #goodpussy is the number one Trending Topic! How cool is that?

Let's see if we can keep it up there all day. In your Twitter account, update your status with whatever you want to say and make sure you include #goodpussy in your Tweet.

Fondly yours,

P.S. I went back to check Twitter while this was still up on my screen, and #gooddick made it's way to Trending Topics as well! LMAO