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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Swinger Information: Couples that stray ...

Many researchers will tell you that homo sapiens aren't meant to be monogamous creatures. In fact, one study shows that as many as 60 percent of those marrying today will end up in divorce. The number one reason is money, followed by infidelity. Joining in the lifestyle won't solve money problems, but it certainly would help with some of the infidelity problem.

Now we're not saying that the lifestyle prevents all infidelity nor that it will cure the divorce rate, as both entering the lifestyle and infidelity are exclusive and complex matters, but infidelity is certainly less likely to occur if your sex life is good and you and your partner have the opportunity to enjoy some level of sexual activity with others.

Personally, I'm not interested in seeing my partner have intercourse with another woman, so that level of contact isn't on my agenda, thought I guess anything is possible some day! LOL! But there are many couples that are into that, and they say that it makes their relationships stronger. Let me emphasize: It makes a strong relationship stronger. If your relationship is failing or weak, now is definitely NOT the time to consider entering the lifestyle!

If, however, your relationship is strong, your sex life is good, you have great communication with your partner, and you want to add a some serious spice, then you should consider it -- together.

Before you get started, there are some basic rules that are ingrained in all participants of the lifestyle:

  1. "No" means NO! This is rule number one, and there are no ifs, ands, or buts, to this statement for all people, events, clubs, parties, etc., within the lifestyle. If you decline an offer to play, the person asking will back off. If you make an advance toward someone, and they say no, you are to back off. Neither will you be attracted to everyone you meet nor will everyone you meet be attracted to you.
  2. Anonynimity is sacred. Just as most people want what happens behind closed doors at home to be between those participating, people in the lifestyle expect the same discretion. Respect people's privacy, and they will respect yours.
  3. Never bring a camera. Unless you are invited to do so and all participants agree, never bring a camera to a lifestyle event, and don't ever use your cell phone's camera to take photos of people.

You'll also want to think about some self-imposed rules before you head out to your first lifestyle event, and those will be the topic of our next post. Please check back, or -- better yet, subscribe -- so you don't miss out on a single post!

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relevent married guy said...

We have believed this for a very long time. It seems to work for us. Love your blog. Thanks for sharing your fun!

Sex It Up! said...

Thanks for the comment and the follow!