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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Just a Techoranti thing ...

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

The place was packed.

Talked to lots of friends, but no one was really hitting us as “gotta have it.” Besides, we were really just having a great time chatting and flirting with people we know.

The Gentleman came up to us and asked where we had been hiding all night, to which we replied that we hadn’t been hiding at all. As a matter of fact, we had been between this same table and the dance floor all night long doing anything BUT hiding! The Gentleman invited us over to his table to share a drink with him and his wife, Jeannie. We had spoken to them earlier in the evening and, honestly, didn’t have much interest in playing with them, but they were nice, and we opted to share in a beverage and some chat.
Well, when we sat down at their table and the Gentleman re-introduced us to his wife, Jeannie, my eyes lit up! Not sure what it was about our previous meeting just a couple of hours ago that made me pass, but Jeannie was quite attractive in this light, and I immediately wanted to get naked with her. Jack was surprised, because I rarely operate this quickly – LOL – and his eyes twinkled with the possibilities when he saw my face light up.

The Gentleman introduced us to the others at their table, and we all eagerly engaged in conversation. It wasn’t long before the Gentleman turned our direction to Jeannie’s perky breasts. It was obvious that he was proud of them, and he encouraged us to check them out. Jack asked for Jeannie’s permission, being a gentleman himself, and when she assented, we both took part. Mmmmm … they were quite nice! Barb, sitting to my left, leaned across me to caress one and commented how soft they were. Another husband across the table – Kent - had his wife’s – Lady in Red - breasts cupped in his hands and Barb took part in their nipple play and, again, commented how nice they were and how much nicer than her own they were. So I reached over to Barb’s breasts, and let her know that hers were quite nice, too! Somewhere in all this I found my breasts out of my dress, with hands all over, as well, and there were more compliments all around.

Conversation returned to things vanilla (mostly) and before we knew it, it was time for last call. There was a collective groan from the crowd when the lights went on and it was obvious we all had to leave, despite the fun we were having.

Jack had informed me that the Gentleman invited us back to their hotel room for a drink (mmhmm; he probably wants to show us his etchings, too, right?) and asked what was my pleasure. I let him know that I was up for it if he was. This would be the second time I surprised him, as the hotel scene isn’t one I typically entertain. I knew that Jack was eager to have some sexy fun, however, and I wanted both to please him and get to know Jeannie’s naked body.

We wrapped things up and drove over to the hotel. As we entered the parking lot, we saw people we recognized – Lynn and Morgan – and wondered what was up with that, since they live close by and it would be unusual for them to have gotten a hotel room. Another vehicle, which we later learned was Samantha and Stephen, was following them. We ended up parking in the same general area and asked where they were headed. They said they heard there was a party at the hotel and wanted to partake.

Well, in a random move to get everyone out of the club, one of the managers had announced a hotel party, knowing full well there was none, and some had apparently taken it as truth. Jack, being the social man that he is, tentatively invited the four of them back to the Gentleman and Jeannie’s room! It was just then that we saw the Gentleman and Jeannie, and Jack confirmed that they were cool with the invite. Jeannie’s response: The more the merrier! Her prediction turned out to be on the money. ;)

We’re still not sure how everyone found us, because, as far as we know, none of us knew each other well enough to even have cell phone numbers and a key was required to get into this section of the outer hall and up to the room. It only took, however, about 10 minutes before the room was full: Six couples and a single guy piled into a standard hotel room. It was cozy, to say the least.

The great thing about attending a hotel party immediately after having been at a BYOB club is that we all had liquor! Someone volunteered to get mixers at the soda machine, and drinks were offered. Almost immediately, I made a mental note of how unusual this situation was: 13 people in a room wanting to get naked and everyone in the room was attractive! In addition to the Gentleman and Jeannie, there was Barb and Kevin, Lynn and Morgan, Lady in Red and Kent, Samantha and Stephan, Single Guy, and Jack and me.

An infomercial was on the television and, while, everyone was asking for porn, no one seemed to know how to get it. So, the Lady in Red opted to share her own personal style of porn by pulling her dress up for someone, though I can’t honestly recall whose guy it was that suddenly had his head between her legs – only that it wasn’t the one she came in with – and Barb removed her breasts from the dress and was kissing them and sucking on her nipples. We had the perfect vantage point from the other bed.

I was sitting by Jeannie, Single Guy, and Jack. We were playfully touching each other and watching the sexual encounters evolve on the other bed. Lynn and Stephen seemed to be enjoying the show also, as they began kissing and playing on the bed next to the threesome. Seeing their mates making out with each other must have gotten Morgan and Samantha going, as they began fondling and kissing, too.

Single Guy was asking Jeannie, Jack, and me questions about the lifestyle. Typically, I’d have thought this a distraction, but, in all honesty, our explanations helped get on the table exactly what Jeannie and I liked, which in turn put a fresh smile on my face as I confirmed that Jeannie was my favorite kind of new friend: Bi. After all, I was thinking that eating pussy would have been a nice addition to fucking Jack this Halloween night.

It was Jack, whose cock I was rubbing intently through his pants, who took the liberty of removing my breasts from the top of my dress and placing a hand between my legs. I untied my dress and let it fall open, to Jeannie’s delight. She began playing with my breasts and I did the same to her in turn. Deciding her clothing was too encumbering, she simply stripped and let her outfit fall to the floor, to my delight!

Someone commented about the first ones naked, and others’ clothes made their way to the floor. It wasn’t long before, at the edge of the other bed, Lynn and Stephan were fucking and, again, Morgan and Samantha followed suit of their mates. Morgan bent Samantha over the dresser and they, too began fucking, doggy. To my amazement, all but Samantha were quiet, and, while she was more expressive than the others, even she was quiet by my standards.

Watching these 7 people sexually engaged, I felt myself getting wetter. Sucking Jeannie’s nipples just was nice but I wanted more. I had to adjust my position considerably and found that she, too would have to adjust, so I asked if I could lick her pussy in order to get her to lie on her back. She obliged, willingly and with a smile.

With my head between her legs, I took in her scent and spread her lips so that I could see what I was about to enjoy … mmmmm. This was going to be nice! I gently licked her clit and hood and felt a slight shiver from her, though it was quite warm in the room. I placed my tongue in her hole to taste her – it was sweet and tasty! She moaned and I smiled. I wanted to make her cum.

Jack took this opportunity to get a better view of my exploits and occupy himself with her great breasts and beautiful nipples. I reached for his rock-hard cock with one hand – I love his cock! – and continued to lick her juicy pussy. She was writhing and moaning, and the movement and sounds made me hot and wet.

I felt as though she was going to cum rather quickly and let go of Jack’s cock to insert my finger in her pussy. She reached for his cock and he moved so that she could suck it while lying on her back. I moved my finger in and out, rubbing her G-spot and continued to lick around her clit and looked up to see Jack enjoying the scene and sensations. The view made me want to make her cum right then, so I honed in on her hot spot, licking wildly, and inserted another finger and fucked her faster with both fingers. It didn’t take more than minutes before she threw her head back and groaned loudly with pleasure, as she came. My reward was sweet and juicy, but I didn’t want to stop. Jack smiled, and I knew he was thinking how much he loves to watch us ladies cum.

I continued to play around her pussy and let her body settle. I glanced around the room and the others were engaged in different ways. Girls were kissing each other, guys were watching, a blow job … and everyone was naked. One of the guys asked, “Why do the ladies get to have all the fun?” and one of the ladies responded, “Because we like to play with each other, too.” I smiled and secretly hoped that I would have the opportunity to lick more pussy.

The Gentleman came over to us and Jeannie reached for his cock. I watched as she went back and forth between his and Jack’s, eventually bringing them to within inches of each other so she could lick both at virtually the same time. The Gentleman played with her nipples and Jack reached for her pussy.

Jack used his middle finger to play with her clit and hood, as I leaned in to lick her again … mmmmm. Deciding I wanted to watch, I pulled back a little, placed a finger in her, hand palm up so that I could again rub her G-spot, and watched as she alternated between licking and sucking each of them and Jack continued to play with her. Kevin came up behind me and started to play with my pussy. His touch was firm but gentle as he used the gathering wetness to stimulate my clit. I raised my ass higher to greet his play. This combination of sights, sounds, and feelings was taking me to the next level. I found myself gyrating against Kevin’s hands as Jeannie’s movements became intense again. It was just a few moments into this that Jeannie came again as Jack fingered her clit quickly and expertly. She thrust her hips in the air, as she hit this climax, and in my desire to make it great for her, I inadvertently pulled away from Kevin, right before I might also have cum.

Jack, at this point, sensed my need for him to finish what Kevin had started, and he eagerly buried his head between my legs. It wasn’t long before it was my hips that were lifted to welcome his probing tongue, licking and sucking my clit, and finger, fucking me intently, as I came loudly compared to the others but rather quietly for me.

What I really wanted was Jack’s hard cock inside of me and a piece of that doggy-style fucking that was going on earlier. Jack was ready to please and, without further ado, rolled me over abruptly and swiftly thrust his cock in me. A loud moan escaped, followed by “Fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

This got the attention of several of the others, and I heard, “Who’s that? Whoa – is that Jill getting fucked?” A loud “YES!” was my response and a slap to my ass was Jack’s, along with several hard thrusts that I met with louder moans and groans. As usual, Jack’s hard-on was a lasting one and, while I didn’t much look around the room as I was holding on to ensure I got his full force, I believe that we had taken center stage and were being watched by several of the others.

Barb had made her way to our side of the room and was playing with one breast and Jeannie with my other, as Jack banged on. I had a second, mini-orgasm in concert with his banging, and felt oh so good. The clenching of my pussy pushed Jack to the edge, and he came with a loud, hard thrust and several moans of his own.

As we rested for a moment, I looked about the room. The Gentleman was lying on his back and Jeannie was kneeling on the floor and sucking his cock. Next to them were Stephan and Samantha, in the same position. The Lady in Red and Kent had moved to our bed and Lady in Red was lying on her back as someone – it might have been Kevin -- was eating her pussy. I leaned in to her and sucked a nipple, while someone else – I think Barb -- did the same on the other side, and Jack caressed my breasts and his roamed over my body.

For whatever reason, I noticed the clock at this very moment: 4:36 a.m. I was suddenly exhausted and, having thoroughly enjoyed an amazing evening of sexual escapades! I realized that some people had already departed and thought, while they were smart to get home and to sleep, they missed some seriously sexy fun!

Note to self: Remember to unplug the clock when an orgy is going to ensue.

Fondly yours,

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Sexy Warning: A long post follows

Unfortunately, my vanilla life has taken me away from blogging for the past couple of weeks. But don't despair! We had such a blast on Halloween night that I've been able to think of no other sexual encounter for the past two weeks!

The post that will follow this one shortly is long, but definitely worth the read, in my opinion. Whether you find yourself home alone tonight, like me, or with a partner and are looking for a little something to warm you up, grab a glass of your favorite beverage, a vibrator, if you're so inclined, or dip your hand in your partner's pleasure place, and enjoy the sights and sounds, as best I can relay them in written form.

Halloween 2009 will forever hold a special place in my sexual fantasy library. :)

Fondly yours,

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sexy Reader Question: Where to find good stats?

I was told the other day that American women are "lonely" in sex, and it was explained to me that this meant that they aren't satisfied in bed. A specific example given was that American men last an average of 6 minutes during intercourse and, by contrast, Italian men last 42 minutes on average. Now, this statistic was given to me by a man who's so Italian that I would guess he has his country's flag tattooed on his cock, so I'm taking it with a grain of salt.

As an aside, I'll mention that Jack has been called -- by fellow swing clubbers, not by me -- "marathon man" ... 'nough said. ;)

My question to anyone reading is: Where can I find good international sex statistics? I've looked around the web, unsuccessfully, and am reaching out to anyone with sources.

Fondly yours,

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