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Monday, May 18, 2009

Real Life Sex Story: It was awesome!!

Jack and I don't have the opportunity to get out to our fav lifestyle club as much as we'd like, but when we do, we always have a terrific time! This past weekend was no exception. ;)

We ended up getting there a little later than we wanted, and, as a result, the place was already packed - wall to wall hot and sexy bodies - yum. ;) We went from table to table saying hello to the friends we hadn't seen for a while, with much needed hugs and kisses all around. Everyone looked ravishing - and ravishable!

We had been looking for a couple that we chatted with online, when Jack wandered to the bar and happened upon them. I have to be honest here: They weren't all that attractive in their profile, but they were new to the lifestyle, and we seem to have a way of making newbies feel comfortable. They were nice, and personality is important, so we told them to look for us when they got to the club.

We were not disappointed when we met them in person. They are even nicer than in chat, and she's just as cute as could be! Her photos were obviously not taken by someone with an eye for good shots because she looked absolutely yummy in her little black, low-cut dress! I couldn't wait to meet her girls, but knowing they were knew to the lifestyle, I didn't expect to on our first encounter.

We chatted and danced and all got to know each other and I don't really remember how it happened, but somehow my bustier was 'remodeled' so that it boosted my bust but didn't cover it any longer! Our new Lady Friend was a little more shy, but eventually I got to check out her girls and, oh my, what perfect girls they were. :D With all our girls out to play, Jack decided to suck on one of my nipples, and Lady Friend decided to partake of the other. It was heavenly - and we were still out in the cocktail and bar area. That's one of the things we love about the club environment - we can do things like that and not get arrested! LOL!

So Jack asks our Lady Friend if she and her hubby would like to go in a back room to play, and, being a little shy, she doesn't exactly respond. (It seems Jack is typically the one to initiate. He loves to watch me play with the ladies.) He lets it go, because she's shy and they're new and we don't want to pressure them. So we dance a little more and have another drink ... and in a bit, he asks Mr. Lady Friend if they'd like to go into a room ... he checks with the Mrs., and we all agree this would be a good thing. Yay!

So we find that my favorite room is empty - The Orgy Room - with three beds, one being higher than the others ... makes for some great angles (though Jack always complains that the one mattress hurts his knees, and I assure him it's worth it).

Well being excited as I was, I was the first one out of my clothes. This, of course, is pretty easy, because I never wear a bra and rarely wear panties when we're out, so I had just to slip out of a my bustier and skirt. I left my heels on because I think it's hot to see a naked woman in nothing but heels! I went to lie on the bed and watch everyone else ... Lady Friend was out of her clothes next and within a couple of minutes everyone was naked and on the higher bed.

Again, Jack and I were trying to be patient and go slowly with our new newbie friends. When Lady Friend got on the bed, I got close and enjoyed the view and then played with her girls. Oooh - they were so nice! We were at an angle where she could do the same, and we were just enjoying licking and kissing each other's breasts and our guys were caressing us and watching. I heard Jack say, "Isn't this awesome," and I knew he'd be hard as a rock already.

Well, the waiting was too much for Jack ... before I knew it, his head was between my legs and he licking and sucking and playing with my pussy. This made for more intense nibbling on Lady Friend's breasts and caused my hands to wander all over her body, which was smooth and soft and very ladylike. :D Then the Mr. went down on Lady Friend, and we were both moaning with pleasure. Watching them, sucking on her nipples, and having Jack's finger in me and tongue on my clit was definitely making me hotter than hot! There's something about knowing that it's someone's first time watching and being watched that is just so exciting ...

It didn't take long before I insisted that Jack fuck me - in my favorite way, doggie. Before he knew what hit him, I was up on my knees begging him to take me. And I was right: He was so hard and felt so good! We could hear the others in their private rooms and that added to the excitement, as well. Someone was seriously getting off next door!

Lady Friend and hubby were also fucking and she was moaning. We were positioned in such a way that we could continue to caress and lick and suck each other while our guys were going at it. I rolled over and put my long legs on Jack's chest, with my heels just on his left shoulder. I know he likes this, because my pussy is even tighter that way ... he continued to fuck me, while Lady Friend touched me all over, focusing mainly on my breasts, which she liked a lot (lucky me!) ... she kissed me, and it was awesome! The ladies are so much softer and different than the guys, and it was so in contrast to Jack's banging away at me, with sweat pouring down his face and chest - oooh baby!

Well, I'd like to say that we all had magnificent orgasms right then and there, but, unfortunately, we heard, "Last call" and we had to finish up and get dressed. You see, Jack and I are also staff at this particular club, and we have to set a good example. We can't just stay in a room because we feel like it and be poor guests.

We got into the room late, because we were being patient with our new friends. But let me tell you: Being patient pays off ... since we were so gentle with them, we've already made plans to get together again. And she knows that my not-so-secret desire is to lick her pussy and make her cum. (Did I mention how much I enjoy that??) It honestly doesn't matter to me whether or not she's ready to eat me ... I simply love to give the ladies pleasure. :D

So ... until next time. I'm quite sure our next installment will be quite juicy! Do come back for more ... and in the meantime, if you're looking to get into the lifestyle yourself, check out Swing Lifestyle - There are lots of beautiful couples waiting to share sexual pleasures with you!


Anonymous said...

Wow! This would make a good read in playboy magazine - they have an erotic experience section where peeps write in with the experiences and they publish it.

Can't wait for you to get together with them again, so we can read the update.

TheNaughtyWife said...

I am looking forawd to the progress! Can't wait!